Good Night Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 13

Release Your Hips for Rest

20 min - Practice


Dana guides us in a restorative practice at the wall (or in bed if you have a headboard or wall that can support you). We explore various postures to promote rest and relaxation and an opening in the hips and hamstrings.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Blanket

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That was lovely just before sleep!
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Lovely - just what we were sequencing for! 🌙 
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Oh wow, I am going to do this one every day
Brilliant!  They’re delicious- enjoy.
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Ive been doing this one most days now and my back is a lot better... !
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Darryl - so happy to hear it! Sounds like your legs and low back needed some space, too. Let us know how it progresses!  Warmly, Dana
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This is so very helpful .  Feeling great relief from sciatic pain.  Your  gentle approach is encouraging .  
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I’m relieved to just hear about it, Kirk!  Thanks for the great feedback.  Keep practicing, Dana
What is a complementary exercise to go along with this one? can you suggest a video?
I’d try “Wring out your Day” or “Unwind from Work” from this same series.  They’re short but still movement-oriented.  You can skip the final resting pose & replace it with this hip series at the wall. Lmk how it goes! Warmly, Dana
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