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Season 5 - Episode 9

Flow for Runners and Cyclists

25 min - Practice


Rosemary leads us in a simple and accessible sequence designed for runners or any athlete with tightness in the quadriceps, hips, and hamstrings. With attention on the breath and deep stretching, this practice targets the muscles, joints, and usual tight spots, promoting increased mobility, flexibility, and relief. You will feel renewed and refreshed.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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(waves crashing) Hello, and welcome back. So, this is a sequence that's designed for runners, but it really would work for anyone really athletic. Maybe if you cycle a lot, or if you j...


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An excellent routine Rosemary. Really helpful. Bless you for sharing.
So glad to hear it! Thank you and many blessings.
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This is perfect for me. Going to try and do it every day for a while. 😃
That's awesome, Ted. Please let me know if you do!
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I gave up running more than 10 years ago, and now walk 5 or 6 miles each day. This practice is also really excellent for walkers - I experience the same tightness from walking as I used to from running, and these poses are the perfect countermeasures. Thanks so much.
Thanks, Lori. You're absolutely right- the same tightness does occur with a lot of walking. I'm happy to know it's helping!
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I enjoyed it
Thanks, Christine! Happy to hear it.
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I have such tight hips, hammies, and a very sensitive low back. I love the length spent in each pose, it allows me to feel the release without rushing. I do need blocks for support, my flexibility is nill, but I do feel more open in the hips. My hamstrings need a lot more work, I walk 2 plus miles a day. This is a practice I will come to often. Grateful for your teaching.
Thanks, Joan. That is wonderful to hear. Keep me posted on your hamstring opening... Enjoy!
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