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Season 5 - Episode 7

Twist it Out

35 min - Practice


Rosemary guides us in a sweet detoxifying flow with an emphasis on deep twisting to clear and cleanse. This practice is designed to cover all of the essentials, from shoulders to abdominals to standing and seated postures. You will feel refreshed and energized from the inside out.
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(waves crashing) Hello and welcome back. So, today we're gonna work with a pretty sweet kind of a overall practice. Covers a lot of the basics but the emphasis is going to be on twisting. So if you're feeling like you need a nice good detox, kinda wring it all out, this is an ideal practice for you. (chuckles) Enjoy.

And let's start in child's pose. And as always, you can have your knees together or wide. And you can have your arms reaching out or resting alongside the body. And we'll take just about a minute or so here. To shift gears.

To tune in. Find the breath. (deep breathing) Let the forehead resting on the earth. Just remember the thinking mind. Energetically, lay it down.

Let your focus, turn towards the body. And the breath. And any intention you may want to call in for your practice today. Twisting can definitely be a physical cleanse. It can also be more emotional or energetic and focused.

So anything at all really. You wanna wring out today. Just a few more breaths here. (deep breathing) (deep breathing) Expanding with each inhale. Softly with each exhale.

(deep breathing) And then super slow. When you're ready on your own, inhale with your up on to the hand to the knees. Hands in line with shoulders. Knees in line with hips. Ground on your exhale.

And a couple of cycles of cat cowl. Inhale, lift the tailbone and the heart. And exhale, round the back, tuck the chin and draw your belly up towards your spine. Again a big inhale, lift through tailbone, heart, gaze. And again exhale, round.

(deep breathing) And in the inhale, simply draw it back to neutral. And then from neutral, with your next inhale, take the right arm out and up. And as you exhale, thread that right arm under the left, twisting through the spine rest on the back of the shoulder, side of the head. Anything you want with the left hand. Sometimes pressing into the earth to deepen back into the twist is nice.

Sometimes walking it out. Or lifting it up. And three. (deep breathing) And two. (deep breathing) If the left arm us up, exhale root it back down.

Inhale, let's take the right arm all the way back open. And then exhale, right hand roots. Okay, right into the second side. Inhale, left arm up. And exhale, thread your left arm under.

Come to the side of the shoulder. And then again, anything you feel flow with that right arm. Three breaths. (deep breathing) And if the arm is up, exhale right hand grounds. Inhale, left arm goes all the way back up.

And then exhale, release the left hand down. So, from here, you're gonna walk the hands forward a little bit. And then inhale, tuck the toes. And exhale, lift it up and back. In Downward-Facing Dog.

About five breaths. Just to arrive. Warm the backs of the legs. Lengthen the spine a little bit more. (deep breathing) And three.

(deep breathing) Two. (deep breathing) And then, with the next inhale let's come forward into plank pose. And check in here. Make sure the shoulders are over wrist and the soles of the feet are pressing back. Really strong through the core belly, drawing in and up.

And just waking up and warming the body a little bit more. Pick up that right leg a little bit. Big inhale. And as you exhale, draw the knee to the outer right elbow. Right?

Then inhale, just step it back. And exhale, draw the left knee towards that left elbow. Inhale, step it back. A few more, exhale to the right. Inhale back.

Exhale left. (deep breathing) Inhale back. And right, (deep breathing). Back (deep breathing). Left (deep breathing).

Back, just two more each side. Exhale right and back. Left. Back. Last one to the right.

(deep breathing) And back. Left. (deep breathing) And back. And downward-facing dog. Take a nice big inhale.

(deep breathing) Open the mouth. Exhale. (deep breathing) And then you inhale walking your feet forward to the front of the mat. Finding uttanasana. And enjoy a few breaths here.

Soft through the neck. Heavy through the head. Breathe. (deep breathing) And two. (deep breathing) And one.

And then slowly, with your next inhale we'll roll all the way up to stand. (deep breathing) When you arrive, exhale. Take the shoulders down the back set. Set the feet together, hands to the heart. Right into (speaks foreign language) Inhale take the arms up.

(deep breathing) Exhale, fall forward. (deep breathing) Inhale, come halfway. (deep breathing) And exhale, hop or step back. If you're nice and warm, you can go right into chaturanga. Otherwise knees first and come all the way down.

Inhale cobra or upward dog. And exhale, all the way back. Downward dog. Breathing three, (deep breathing) And two. (deep breathing) And one.

Bottom of the exhale, hop or step to the front of the mat. Inhale to lengthen. Exhale fold. Strong through the center. Flat back, inhale come all the way up.

And exhale, hands to prayer at the heart. And then again, inhale take the arms out and up. Exhale to fall forward. With the inhale, lengthen halfway. Again, exhale hop or step back.

And lower knees first or chaturanga. Inhale, lift the heart. And exhale. Back to downward dog. And so from here, moving into some lunges.

Really simply, step the right food forward. Simple twist. Keep rooting through the left hand and with your next inhale, take your right arm up to the sky. Strong through the back leg. Open through the chest and the right shoulder.

(deep breathing) And three. (deep breathing) Two. (deep breathing) And then from here, keep your legs super strong. As you inhale, you're just gonna lift the torso, straight up drawing the right arm back, the left arm forward into a twisting high lunge. Okay, give yourself three.

(deep breathing) And two. (deep breathing) And then keep the foundation, as you inhale, draw the torso forward, and lift the arms straight up. As you exhale, take the hands to prayer at your heart center. Inhale, lift that lower belly and exhale, let's take a twisting lunge. Hook the elbow outside of the knee.

Spiral the spine. And again, just three breaths here. (deep breathing) With the exhale, release the hands to the earth and just step straight back into downward-facing dog. Enjoy a breath or two here. (deep breathing) And then, shift into the second side.

Take a left foot forward. Root the right heel down. On your next inhale, float the left arm up to the sky. Wide open through that chest. Pressing out through the right heel.

Shake it out a little bit as needed. (deep breathing) Alright and then keep that strong steady foundation. And inhale, just float the torso up. Reaching the left arm back and right arm out. Holding for three, (deep breathing) and two, (deep breathing) and then inhale, come forward.

Right on into a high lunge. Exhale, take the hands to the heart. Inhale, lift again through that front body. And exhale, twist your lunge. Hook the right elbow outside of the knee.

Spiral it open and hold for three, (deep breathing) and two, (deep breathing) and exhale again. Just release hands down. Step it back. A couple breaths in downward dog. (deep breathing) Good and then at the bottom of the exhale, soft bend in the knees.

Hop or step to the front of the mat. Inhale, lengthen it halfway up. Exhale, bow and fold. Strong through the center. Inhale, rise all the way up.

And when you arrive stay here with the arms up. Open the feet a little wider than hips distance. Or just about hips distance. Grab that left wrist and shift the upper body to the right. Hips to the left.

Soft gaze to the earth or up and under the left arm. Moving the breath into the whole side body. (deep breathing) One more breath. (deep breathing) Then inhale back to center and exhale switch the wrists. Take it over to the left, hips to the right.

Finding that length in the side body helps to prepare for more length and expansion in the twists. So one more breath here. (deep breathing) And the in inhale, go ahead ahead and come up and exhale, let the arms flow down. Step the feet together and draw your hands back to the heart. One inhale.

(deep breathing) Ground on your exhale. (deep breathing) Utkatasana. Bending the knees, inhale come on up. And then exhale, take your hands to prayer at the heart. Inhale, lengthen and exhale, twist to the right.

Hook that elbow outside of the knee. Spiral the spine. Five. (deep breathing) Four. (deep breathing) Three.

(deep breathing) Two. (deep breathing) Alright, stay in the twist. Turn your gaze down to the earth. If you can keep the weight on that right foot, gaze is steady and then slowly with control exhale, step the left foot to the back of a mat for twisting side angle. Right?

Please feel free to keep what you've got. Or you can spin the back heel down, and take the left hand outside of the front foot and reach that right arm, up and over. Holding five. (deep breathing) Four. (deep breathing) Three.

(deep breathing) Two. (deep breathing) And one. Let's come out of it together. So if the back heel is up, is down lifted up again, if the arms are wide, draw the hands back to prayer. We'll meet here.

Legs steady and then inhale, come on back up into that high lunge. And then exhale, simply step the back foot in a little so you're shortening the stance and then take the arms back behind you into reverse prayer. You can also just hold opposite wrist or elbows. Press down through the base of that right big toe. Inhale, come all the way up through that front body and then exhale, fall forward over the right leg, parsvottanasana.

Draw the outer right hip, right sit bone up and back. Drop the outer left hip down. (deep breathing) Breathing three. (deep breathing) And two. (deep breathing) And with the exhale, just release the hands either side of that front foot.

One more twist on this side. So, left hand can be inner or outer edge of the front foot, maybe even up on a block for twisting triangle. Right hand to the hip. Or all the way up to the sky. Legs strong, spiral it open, keep the legs firm.

The feet pressing down. And three more breaths. (deep breathing) With the exhale, nice and easy. Both hands down to the earth. And simply step back into downward-facing dog.

If your body feels further vinyasa there, go ahead and roll through. Otherwise enjoy a couple breaths here. (deep breathing) And coming back to the front of the mat. Soft bend in the knees. Hop or step to the front.

Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, fold. Then bending the knees, inhale scoop it up. Utkatasana. Exhale, draw the hands to prayer at the heart center.

So before we twist, take a big inhale. Lengthen up through the center. And then exhale to the left. Hook that elbow, spiral the spine, and lift the gaze. (deep breathing) Breathing into it.

Find the length in the spine. Reaching out through the crown. Just one more breath. (deep breathing) And then you'll stay in the twist but turn the gaze down to the earth. Left leg is really strong.

Left foot is rooted into the earth. Then slowly exhale, step the right foot to the back of the mat. For twisting side lunge. And again, you can keep it right where it is. Or you can see spin that back heel down to the earth.

And take your right hand outside of the left foot. And reach the left arm up and over. Breathing five. (deep breathing) Four. (deep breathing) Three.

(deep breathing) Two. (deep breathing) And to come out of it, let's meet again in the twisting side lunge. So if the back heel is down, spin it up. And if the arms are open, draw the hands back to prayer, then keep that foundation. And as you inhale, take the torso, back up.

Nice high lunge. As you exhale, step the right foot in a little bit. Let's stay tall. Inhale, lift. And then exhale, take the arms behind the back.

Again, if you can come into reverse prayer here, go for it. If not, no big deal. Just the hold the wrist or the elbows. Then anchor down especially through base of left big toe. Inhale, come all the way up through the front body.

And exhale, take it that length down into your fold. (deep breathing) Bong through the spine. And even out through the hips as much as possible. Three. (deep breathing) And two.

(deep breathing) And we'll stay here and as you exhale, simply release the hands down to the earth. Here we go. That last standing twist. Right hand or inner or outer edge of the front foot. Let hand to the hip or all the way to the sky.

For twisting triangle. Breathing into it. Wide open heart. Three. (deep breathing) And two.

And then exhale, just release, hands come down and we'll step all the way back to downward dog. You might be very content there. You might feel for rolling through. Then yes, get to clear it out. Just listen to the body.

(deep breathing) And downward dog. Deep breath. (deep breathing) Gather the energy. Take another breath or two here. (deep breathing) And then we're gonna come all the way through to sit.

So soft bend in the knees and just hop or step through. And that's ground in dandasana for just a few breaths. Root the sit bones, root the hands. Nice and tall through the spine. (deep breathing) Gazing to the nose or top of thighs.

(deep breathing) And then inhale, take the arms up. And exhale, paschimottanasana. Any grip. Inhale, lengthen it out. And exhale, fold.

Just five breaths here. (deep breathing) And three. (deep breathing) Two. (deep breathing) And then inhale, come on up. Exhale, release it.

And then moving into a couple seated twists. Starting pretty simply here. With Marichyasana C. So the left leg stays as is, and we'll bend the right knee and plant the right foot. A little space between that right foot and the left thigh.

Then right hand behind. Inhale, take the left arm up to get a lot of length in the spine. And then exhale, twist and hook that elbow outside of the knee. Spiral the spinergy's back. So this might be plenty.

It's a beautiful twist in in of itself. If you'd like to go for the bind, then just pick yourself up a little bit. Drop that shoulder down in a little and wrap the left arm around and that right arm back. You can take the bind with the strap or a towel or just hug onto your clothing as well. Keep your left leg active, that foot flexed.

Gaze back and let's hold for five. (deep breathing) Four. (deep breathing) Three. (deep breathing) Two. Stay with the bind as you inhale.

Just look forward. And then exhale. Let it all go. Extend the right leg. Kinda shake it out a little bit.

And then bend the left knee, plant the left foot and try the second side. Left fingertips ground. Inhale, right arm up to get the length. And then exhale, twist. Hook the elbow.

Press out with the knee in with the elbow. And gaze back, right leg is awake. Again, if this enough, enjoy what you've got. If you'd like for the full bind, it can be helpful to lift the hips a little. Drop that right shoulder down a little.

And then wrap the right arm around. Let's see if you can find the left hand behind the back. And gaze back for five. (deep breathing) And four. (deep breathing) Three.

(deep breathing) Two. And one. Inhale, look forward. And exhale, release. Okay, one last seated twist here.

Arda Matsyendrasana. So, we're gonna take the left knee and bend it. Draw the right foot in. And then step the right foot outside of that left knee. Okay?

Again, there's stages in this one. And you just do what serves for today. Starting out, right hand roots. Inhale, left arm reaches. Then exhale, hook the left elbow outside of the knee.

Spiral again. If you like what you've got, good. Stay there. If you'd like, drop this left shoulder down and a little farther outside the right thigh. And wrap the left arm.

See if you can hold the sole of the right foot with that left hand. Then the right hand can keep rooting or wrap behind and then search of the left hip. Good. And let's stay. Steady.

(deep breathing) Five. (deep breathing) Four. (deep breathing) Three. (deep breathing) Two. (deep breathing) Inhale, center.

And then again, exhale just let it go. Let's extend both legs and kinda rock 'em out a little bit. Second side. Bend the right knee, plant the left foot outside of that knee. As equal as on the sit bones as possible.

Use your left hand to ground. Inhale, right arm up. Exhale, twist, hook the elbow. Press in to open it up. And if you'd like to stay here, please do so.

If you'd like to try for the reach, then drop that right shoulder down. Extend the right hand, find that foot. And then left arm goes back for the right hip. Encasing back. On holding here.

Five. (deep breathing) Four. (deep breathing) Three. (deep breathing) Two. And then inhale, go ahead and look forward.

Exhale, release. Again extend the legs out and let 'em rock a little bit and bounce a little bit. Then hug your knees in and go ahead and lie on down. Into the back. And draw the knees in, let yourself rock a little.

Then planting both feet on the earth, let's cross the right ankle over the left knee. Really simple hip opener here. Keep the right foot flexed. And then draw the legs in. You can loop the hands around the left thigh or the left shin.

And then (clears throat) as you pull the legs in towards the body, you'll gently ease the right knee away. You might not see any movement there. It's more energetic. But that movement of the right knee away from the body as you pull the legs in, deepens the stretch through. The outer right hip and glute muscles.

And just play with this. You might even rock a little. Just feeling for the deepest stretch. (deep breathing) About three more breaths. (deep breathing) And then go ahead and exhale.

Release both feet back on the earth and then second side, cross left ankle over the right knee, flex that foot, lift the hands either around the right thigh or the right shin and hug it in. Legs work so hard for us in this practice. Really important to stretch it out. Find moments of release. Deep breath and the energy move down into the left hip and glute muscles.

(deep breathing) Take your time. Few more breaths. And again, you can rock just a little side to side. Feeling for the deepest stretch and then pausing there, breathing into it. (deep breathing) One more big inhale.

And the exhale. Go ahead and release. Both feet on the earth. And just a simple happy baby to close. Draw it in.

Take hold of the feet. And do troll or rocking, a little side to side. (deep breathing) Might feel good to lengthen the legs. (deep breathing) Few more breaths. As always, if there's anything you feel for here, take a moment or two for whatever your body wants.

And then a big inhale. (deep breathing) And the exhale. Let it go. Final rest. Shavasana.

Legs roll open. Palms roll open. Eyes closed. Really allowing yourself this time to give it all away. And let your entire system rest.

So all the sweet benefits of the practice, seen and unseen. Have an opportunity to integrate and take root. Gently inhale. And we'll open the mouth. Exhale.

(letting out breath) And rest here. (deep breathing) (deep breathing) (deep breathing) (deep breathing) (deep breathing) (deep breathing) (deep breathing) Coming back to a deep breath. If you'd like stay in shavasana, please feel free. If you're ready to emerge up out of it, then we inhale, take the arms up and over. And then exhale, bend the knees, feet to the earth, roll to the right.

And let's come to a comfortable seat together for just a moment or two. Whatever feels best. Rest the hands. Close the eyes. Tall the spine.

(deep breathing) Noticing how you feel. (deep breathing) And then drawing the hands to prayer at the heart. As you exhale, just this very soft bow forward. Namaste. Thank you so much for sharing the practice with me.

Remember to drink lots of water. Especially after twisting. And I hope it served to clear a few things out. Be it physically, emotionally, or energetically. Namaste.


Jennie M
1 person likes this.
Lovely, perfect practice for wringing out the stress. Thank you and namaste!
Rosemary Garrison
Thanks, Jennie! That means so much. Have a beautiful day and be well, R
Marisa W
2 people like this.
Great directions and guidance for adjustments. The sequence is just right for when you're a little stiff or lethargic. Definitely feel more energised and in a better mood.
Rosemary Garrison
Yay! That's wonderful to hear. Enjoy, R
Geraldine S
Loved this practice and it presents me with some challenges to encourage me to return (binds!)
Rosemary Garrison
Thanks, Geraldine! Let me know when you get the binds! ; )
Jenny S
2 people like this.
Very nice Christmas Eve de-stresser for this busy Mom 🎄🙏🏻
North F
2 people like this.
Rosemary Garrison
Thanks, Jenny! So wonderful to find time for practice amidst the holidays. No small task. ; )
Helene S
1 person likes this.
Thanks so much for this lovely class! It feels very restorative after a few weeks of longer ashtanga sessions. I really love all of your classes!
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