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Season 5 - Episode 2

Rest Deep Within Yourself

15 min - Practice


Zeynep helps us find a comfortable seat, and then guides us through a meditation of tuning inward, softening tension, and sensing the breath as we find our own natural alignment. This practice results in a calm, quiet, and centered quality of being.
What You'll Need: Blanket (2)


(waves crashing) Hi. Thank you for joining me. This will be a meditation practice actually, so the whole episode will be on meditation. First we'll start about the seat of meditation, like how to sit ...


It's a miracle to be able to meditate with you again Zeynep We miss you sooo much :)
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I miss you too! Thank you for watching :) Kavusmamiza az kaldi!
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Lovely meditation thank you!
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Yeni kesfettim :) cok da guzel oldu
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So soothing and calming - thank you!
Thank you Feroshia for watching!
İyi ki izledin Ezgi'cim! Temmuz'a kısmetse görüşmek üzere!
Dear Nadia, thank you for watching and commenting. I must have missed your comment, sorry for responding so late!
Beautiful, thank you.

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