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Too tight to stretch? These practices are for you! Alana welcomes us to Season 1, where she will offer a variety of sequences designed to promote more flexibility and space in the body, while also generating heat and strength. These practices will result in more clarity in the mind and more ease in the body.
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Apr 12, 2016
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(waves crashing) Welcome, thank you for being here. So if you've ever felt like maybe you're too tight to stretch, this show, these practices, are designed for you. Some days you might wake up feeling stiff and achy, maybe sticky in the body, and what I have found is that the hardest part about yoga, the hardest thing about yoga, is actually just starting. Because as soon as you start to move your arm or as soon as you start to take a step, you might notice a lot of feeling and sensation in the body. So these practices are designed to be accessible as well as to generate some heat and movement in the body.

So promoting strength, flexibility, as well as some deeper relaxation. We'll explore basic range of movement in the shoulders as well as in the hips. There's also a practice specifically for lunging, to help open up the thighs, open up the hips, as well as a practice specifically to begin to open up the bottoms of the feet to feel a bit more grounded, stable, and balanced. We'll be working at the wall, really using the support of the wall to help us find a bit more spaciousness and ease in the body. So like most activities you do in life, the more you engage with the activity, like yoga, the more you might notice quicker results.

So these practices hopefully might result in a feeling of a bit more clarify through the mind, more ease through the body, maybe perhaps generosity through the heart, and maybe a greater acceptance of what is. So I hope these practices are helpful and that you enjoy them, and let me know. Thank you for being here, and Namaste.


I am a beginner but love yoga. But my muscles are so tight I almost quit the practice. Glad I found this site where you have lots of videos for people like me who are not naturally flexible.
Hi Curtis! So glad you here on Yoga Anytime! Stay with it and keep stretching, exploring, and breathing. Please keep me posted on your journey and let me know if you have any questions or insights along the way. Best wishes, Alana
I was sedentary a little over a year ago. I was introduced to yoga first but later started to add many different types of exercise including weight lifting because I was physically so weak. I have increased my strength and stamina tremendously but my thigh muscles have actually gotten tighter even though I was practicing yoga and tai chi. I exercise about 4 hours a day now. I recently started including Yin Yoga and daily stretching to hopefully increase my flexibility. I really don't understand why my thigh muscles have gotten tighter???
Hi Curtis! Wow, four hours a day of exercise?! Yin Yoga and daily stretching is a great way to increase your flexibility and balance out your routine. It's important to take time for recovery and relaxation, too. :) All the best, Alana
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I am a beginner yogi and really tight, especially in the upper body. I have rounded shoulders very tight upper back. I'm hoping this practice with help lubricate my joints and the more I practice, the more flexible I'll get. I usually quit because I get intimidated because I'm not flexible. 
Welcome, Vilma A! So glad you are here. My sense is that with consistency and dedication you will start to feel  a difference from the inside out... and increased mobility and flexibility is a part of that. In the beginning go slow, listen to your body, and be patient with yourself... and enjoy the process. Please keep me posted! Love, Alana 

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