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Too Tight to Stretch

Season 1

Alana Mitnick

In Season 1, Alana Mitnick shares accessible practices designed to create more freedom, spaciousness, and ease in the body.

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Simon ?
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These practises are really so helpful Alana. All blessings to you! Which of these classes would be best to address my main point of tightness in the calves and down towards the achilles?
Hayley R
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Hi Alana,
I am loving this series of exercise. I find it a perfect way to practise given my flexibility limitations. It's easy enough that I don't get disgruntled and tough enough that I feel the muscle have worked the next day.
Thank you
Carolyn M
First day andI feel better already. Thank you.
Alana Mitnick
Hi Carolyn! So delighted that you are here and are feeling better after the practices. I would love to hear from you as you explore all that Yoga Anytime has to offer. Best wishes! xoA

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