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Season 1 - Episode 8

Afternoon Freedom Practice

35 min - Practice


Do your yoga in a community of fellow yogis. Erich invites us into a Freedom Yoga practice, giving us permission to listen for inner guidance to channel the energy before closing by guiding us in a seated meditation. You will feel more connected and steeped in the feeling tone of peace and love.

Play your own music, or click here for the playlist Erich used in this class.


1. The Long Road by Eddie Veder (Not available on Spotify.)

2. Everybody hurts by REM

3. Familiar by Nils Frahm

What You'll Need: Mat

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2 people like this.
Great video!
The sound isn’t working on this video... darn!
Hi Jaclyn , there is intentionally no sound on this video during the freeform part. We invite you to put on your own music or the Spotify playlist that we link to in the description.
Disconcerting to have no audio. Not so impressed that we have a video with no instruction, no indication of what we are supposed to do. What is the purpose of such a broadcast if it is not to provide instruction? Poor show.
Hi, Sara - There was intentionally no speaking during the freedom part of the video, to help us find our inner voice and hold our yoga practice more personally.  Thank you for being here 🙏 
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Hi Elizabeth, I have Erich's book and read it with such joy. It was a great inspiration, as a teacher of 34 years experience and 40 years practice I found it profoundly moving to read his thoughts about yoga. So on seeing his show on Yoga Anytime I decided to view it. What I viewed deeply disappointed me. This was not a show! Seeing people getting up and going to the bathroom. People drinking water. All the while Erich has his head turned away from the camera and there is no sound. If I want free practice I don't need to see the back of someone's head. I want instruction, plain and simple. If I'd come across Erich's book and it was filled with empty pages I'd ask for a refund. To simply open a show with a few words and expect the viewer to fill the void is simply NOT teaching and NOT a show. It is poor content masquerading as a yoga class. 
Hi there Sara! I hope you are still here and will make your way over to Erich's 5 Day Freedom Yoga Immersion. 

The show is broken up into chapters with talks, meditations, lead practices, and his signature freedom practice in which he holds the space for everyone to do their own practice. Hope you like it! xok

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Hi Kira, I have preferred your Yin Yoga programme to Erich's non-content. I was enchanted by your session on Affection. I pictured my beautiful yoga teacher trainees as the beings that bring me unfiltered joy. It was a truly inspiring session. Thank you. Sara 
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Sara, how wonderful and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. Sounds like you are very close and connected with your trainees. xok
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