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Season 2 - Episode 3

Core Integration

20 min - Practice


Lydia shares a floor practice to elongate the spine and strengthen and integrate the core. You will become more aware of your core muscles and center. Note: this is not recommended during pregnancy.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket

About This Video


(waves crashing) Welcome back. So nice to see you. I'm so glad that you're here with me to work on strengthening your center and finding your center. I just wanted to mention that when...


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Yes! Perfect! This is exactly what I needed... so glad to have you here Lydia
Wonderful practice, thank you. This morning I followed it up with Matt Pesendian's 'Fluid Forward Bends & Twists' - what a great combination. Ready to go to work now. :)
Hi Lori. Oooh that sounds lovely. I love Matt's classes! Enjoy your day!
Hello! I am looking forward to re-engaging my core after childbirth. Would you recommend this series? I have diastasis recti and will be using a support band. Nicole (and Eva) :)
Hi Nicole Congrats on your birth and new family! I am not an expert on healing from diastasic recti, but what I've learned through others is that if you still have a large protrusion it's recommended to stay away from isolated abdominal work like crunching on the floor and partake in more integrative core work (using the whole body) like planking, side planking, bridge core work (which is in my Deep in the Core video) and crawling, hanging and walking! If you're partaking in this video, you might be mindful to keep your frontal hip bones squeezing together. You can find a great explanation of this with the start of Suniti Dernovsek's Held in Balance video here on the Asana Studies show. Long answer but I hope some of it helps and that you recover swiftly! Keep in touch please. Warmly, LLydia Zamorano
Your sequencing is genius, Lydia. Intense and intelligent - and compassionate too!
Hi Kate Thank you so much! Love practicing with you here. Mwah! Lydia Zamorano
Thank you Lydia! This practice is eounderful. How often would you recomend doing this specific class per week?
Hi Katarina You could do this practice daily! However, given a busy life and an age of information where there are lots of things to explore... 3 times a week would suffice to build some intelligent and integral core strength. With love!
Lydia Zamorano
Dear Lydia. Thank you for your quick answer! 3 times a week sounds just perfect for a while. With love Katarina

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