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Yoga for Athletes

This collection of practices aims to restore, mobilize, and stabilize regions of the body that we commonly use in our athletic endeavors. Often designed with specific sports in mind, these sequences target regions of the body that could use a little tender care in all of us.

Season 1 - Preparation Practices

Consulting avid climbers, skiers, runners, bikers, and surfers, this season Lydia offers practices informed by real world athletes as well as some broader breath and core work useful for all of our physically demanding endeavors. Her sweet and precise instruction invites us to find the regions of our bodies in need of some love and offer them both support and relaxation.

Season 2 - Recovery Practices

This season, Lydia will share helpful practices for athletes to restore and repair. Practices will include deep core work and back repair to feel supported, deep stretching to replenish overworked areas, and deep rest to rejuvenate the body.

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