Yoga for Athletes Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 8

Shoulder and Hip Love

30 min - Practice


Lydia guides us in a deeply relaxing floor practice designed to open and stretch the shoulders and hips. The practice results in a deep feeling of ease in the body, breath, and mind.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Blanket, Block


Hi again. Welcome back. This practice is a seated stretch for the shoulders and also the hips. So we'll be standing up, it's for one of those days when you're feeling tired or maybe it...


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Hi Lydia
Thanks for posting a great practice. I'm on the recovery side of supraspinatus tendonitis ( I just learned that terminology the other day so I had to us it I'm really looking forward to pain free, flexible shoulders. I've been working with Kira Sloane's neck and shoulder practice, which has really helped. Now I can do one practice in the morning and another, different practice later in the day. Anyhow, great practice.
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so good for a yin day!
Brittany. So happy we can practice together on here! :)
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Wonderful practice, thanks so much. I've been getting over a bad cold... everything is creaky, stiff and sore, and this practice was just perfect for me today. :)

Hi Lori. Glad you could melt into this. Sending love to you. Lydia
Thank you Lydia for bringing a deeper daily practice into my life! Your blend of yogini spirit and mountain athletics is inspiring!
Thank you so much Ariel. :) So happy that I could be a small part of your journey with practice.
Hi. Thanks for that wonderful shoulder and hip opening. Exactly what I needed today. Your alignment in the shoulder openers are awesome. I love the shaking and wobbeling in Janu Sirsasana and the lying onto the back in this pose. Silke
The necklace and the rope. Genius, as usual. I'll take those images into my day as well. Love you!
Hi Catherine. Love you! Hope to see you this spring! I'm always so happy to see your name here. xo
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