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Laura Tyree welcomes us to Season 1 of Flow Sweet Flow, where she will offer a variety of level 1 Vinyasa practices and tutorials to help welcome you to your practice. This season we will explore practices that build strength, heat, relaxation, and stamina—both physically and mentally. With a kind invitation to work at your level, you will feel confident and invigorated.
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Nov 01, 2016
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Namaste and welcome. My name's Laura Tyree and I'm glad you're here for this season. So, what you're gonna experience in this season is what I experience in yoga. You are going to experience heat, mm. You'll experience coming to know yourself and your body, developing strength, developing this beautiful stamina.

And the stamina is not just physical stamina. It is mental stamina. Along with that, of course, you'll have strength, relaxation and deep rest. All of these things are the hallmark of a practice that brings you through to flow. And in this practice, this is a practice that I love, I know that you're gonna get these benefits because that's why I do it.

You have the opportunity always in the class, each class that you're taking with me to work at your level. Some days we have a lot of energy, some days we don't. So I give enough room for you to be able to do that. There are tutorials that you can look at. These tutorials will show you how to modify certain postures if you get in there and you're like, I don't even think I can do that.

Make sure you check out the tutorials because we show you what the modifications are so that you can do it. It's super friendly, super available. It is absolutely going to build confidence on every level of your being. That much I can guarantee. So I'm so happy that you're here.

Come on in and let's experience some beautiful beginning level vinyasa. Namaste.


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Lovely intro.... wish this would now show next class!
Louisa, did you find the season?
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Yes, thank you Kira! I did and enjoy it very much,,, helping with refining my asanas .. and expanding..
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Loved this season...great for mellow days...Peace Out! ✌🏻😘

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