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Season 5 - Episode 6

Clear Your Hips

40 min - Practice


Alana guides us in a sweet practice to clear the hips in a sequence of low lunges, standing postures, and hip opening postures. You will feel a sense of relief and open awareness.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


(water swooshing) Good morning. This practice is designed to help open the hips, clear the hips, especially if they're feeling sticky, maybe first thing in the morning or at some point of your day. Jo...


So great. Thanks again for another wonderful morning.
Good morning, Kit! So glad you enjoyed the practice. It's amazing how 30 minutes of practice can make such a huge difference in our day. :)
It's always a joy to have your gentle voice lead me through a practice. Thank you!
Hi Erika! So sweet to receive your message this morning. I'm delighted to be practicing together. Thank you for being here! ~Alana
I feel like I want to comment after every video but this felt sooo good for my hips. The more I practice, the further my knees are heading to the floor in my meditation practice! Thank you Alana. I love your practices so much. X
Hi John Jackson, That's wonderful to hear! It's amazing to feel and see the shifts and new insights that get revealed (in the body, heart, and mind) with a steady and consistent practice. Developing awareness and tracking "the results" is key. Nice work! x
Wonderful practice, thank you, Alana Mitnick !
Lori! It's a JOY knowing you are HERE. So wonderful to be practicing together - online and in the flesh. :) xoA
Wounderful and lovely! Thank you! Love
Beautiful, Katarina! Wonderful to be practicing together from Sweden. Love, Alana
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