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Season 3 - Episode 1

Welcome to Season 3

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Kate welcomes us to Season 3 of Yin Yoga, where she will share Yin practices to find opening, awareness, and relief throughout the body, specifically targeting the spine, neck, and lower back. Come inside and feel more comfortable in your own skin so that you can express yourself in a more authentic way.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Apr 13, 2017
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Awesome! A new season of Wait for it, can't wait!!
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Chars Cowling! I am so happy you are here and happy to have Kate sharing really unique intelligent practices. xok
Chars Chars Cowling ! Thanks for your enthusiasm about the new season! I hope you enjoy the practice. Abounding LOVE, Kate
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Thank you and Namasté
Namaste, Silke ! Abounding LOVE to you. So grateful to have you here. ;)
"The altar of the yogi is the spine". Beautifully expressed! Thank you!

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