30 Minute Yoga Flows Freedom in the Hips

30 min
What You'll Need:
Sarah shares a fluid Vinyasa flow practice to draw us deep into the hips through a series of wide lunges, expansive hip openers, and balancing postures, while inviting in strength and energy into the body. Your hips will feel happy, fluid, and spacious.
Apr 26, 2017
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Hello sarah... i am only 13 years old. Should i be doing this? Chrz Tahlia

28 days ago

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Loved the challenging, standing balance poses. Some I accomplished with fluidity and others I didn't. This is great as it means I have challenges to come back to!
27 days ago

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This practice feels so good! Thank you. Adding to favorites. :)

24 days ago

Sarah Beston (Moderator)
Hi Sarah Hampton! Thank you so much for practicing together online and I agree, my balance goes in and out as well and it's fun to play with! All the best, Sarah
23 days ago

Sarah Beston (Moderator)
Fantastic, Lori! So happy the practice felt good for you! xo
23 days ago

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This is the first lass that I've done with you and it was SO LOVELY. Your energy and gentle cueing were wonderful. I will be back again!
17 days ago

Sarah Beston (Moderator)
Thanks so much for being here, Tiffany ! Love hearing from you!
16 days ago

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