30 Minute Yoga Flows Sweetheart Flow

30 min
What You'll Need:
Sarah shares a heart-opening Vinyasa flow practice to invite a wave of compassion through the body, heart, and mind. With an emphasis on deep lunges and backbending postures, we find opening and space in the shoulders, hips, thighs, and spine. You will feel open and aware.
May 03, 2017
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I love this series of dynamic, short practices. I am finding them especially perfect for workday mornings when I have limited time. Thank you, Sarah.
2 mos ago

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I really enjoyed this and have some things to work on
2 mos ago

Sarah Beston (Moderator)
Hi Lori! I am so happy this collection of shorter practices is working for you! I agree that these 30 minute practices can be a great start to the day. All the best!
2 mos ago

Sarah Beston (Moderator)
Hi Lucie Becus! So happy to hear and thanks so much for practicing with me on Yoga Anytime!
2 mos ago

H Sarah! I enjoyed this very energizing and opening class. Great for first thing in the am! Namaste!
2 mos ago

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Sarah Beston (Moderator)
Hi Diane Cardella! I am so happy to hear that this was an energizing practice for you! Thank you for letting me know and happy to be practicing together!
2 mos ago

Very nice! I really appreciated all your suggested modifications. I also liked the mindfulness for each asana:) Thank you.
12 hrs ago

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