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Sarah welcomes us to Season 1, where she will share a collection of 30-minute Vinyasa sequences to invite energy and freedom into the body, mind, and heart. We will explore a variety of sequences designed to target specific areas such as the hamstrings, hips, spine, core, and heart. With an invitation to consult with the teacher within, you will feel happy, alive, and energized.
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Apr 12, 2017
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Welcome, I'm Sarah, thank you for being here. So this season we're going to look at eight 30-minute vinyasa sequences to invite energy into the body and also a sense of ease and freedom in the body, mind and heart. So throughout these practices we'll look at targeted areas such as the hamstrings and the backs of the legs, the hips, the spine, the core, and even opening through the heart center. So I just invite you throughout this season to really look to the teacher within. So I'll be here to guide you but really make these practices your own.

I would love to hear from you, please feel free to reach out in the forums, I'll be there with you to guide you through this journey. Thank you for being here. Namaste.


Hi Sarah, I just finished this season and what a great mix of Vinyasa and Hatha. Just when you think you’re done and along comes one more Vinyasa?, You take us into a relaxing pose. I really enjoyed the transitions and overall workout.
Sarah Beston
Hi Robin! Thank you so much for letting me know and I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed the practices. Stay in touch and all the best, Sarah
Samantha P
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So excited to start this season! I have a 2 yr old and a 5 month old so 30 minutes is about as long as I have to practice!
Sarah Beston
Hi Samantha! I am so happy to be practicing together here on Yoga Anytime and am happy to hear the 30 minute practices work well for you with your little ones! Please keep me posted on how it goes! All the best, Sarah
Anna W
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Thank you for this series, Sarah. I really enjoyed it. :)
Sarah Beston
Hi Anna, thank you so much for practicing with me—I am glad you enjoyed the season. We just published a new season of 20-minute flow practices today! Hope you enjoy. All the best, Sarah

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