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Awaken your inner fire and strength. Rob welcomes us to Season 4 of Yoga Power Hour, where he shares a series of 60-minute sequences to journey deep into the hips, core, and heart to feel open, expansive, and energized from the inside out.
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Jun 26, 2017
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So Namaste, Namaskaram, I'm Rob Hess and welcome to the Power Hour. This season we're going to be focusing on moving slow, moving deep into really allowing that inner strength, that inner fire to awaken. So we'll be focusing on some very deep hip openers that will allow us to rise up, right? And from the earth we feel that great expansive energy. And then also some more stability where we feel that strengthening of the core and awakening, that third chakra, our inner fire.

And then from that fire we allow the heart to open and feel that big expansive, that radiance of our heart as it shines and just sharing our love and our passion and our joy of the practice. So I hope you join me on this practice. See you in the flow. Namaste.


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