Move to Meditate Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 8

Free Up Tension to Sit

40 min - Practice


Breathe your way into freedom. Bex guides us in an energizing practice designed to create inner space and free up tension. With an emphasis on awakening the arms and legs, we move with the breath and use sound to penetrate layers in the body to allow us to sit more comfortably in stillness.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Fun practice! I look forward to carrying the effects with me throughout the day!
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Rebecca your class makes me feel like home thank you so much
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they should call it fundelini!
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Thank you for this exquisite stretching and opening practice. I have tight hips, but so enjoyed the slow pelvic release, the side stretches, and the glorious stretches for the legs. The standing and moving of arms and legs together really got into my hip sockets....had some popping but felt so nice. This is a wonderful prelude to my 30 minute meditations. Grateful for your teachings. 🌾
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thank you. beautiful practice. many things brand new to me... very appreciative
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Hi Bex, This is a wonderful practice for me with my "new hip"! Last Tuesday the doctor said "no restrictions" so I began warming up, stretching, and returned to yoga class on Saturday. This session with you today added to the full recovery! I plan to do all three Move to Meditate sessions. Hope to see you in class in June when in Corte Mardera. Suzanne Lagomarcino
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I love to return to this practice
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I love it! Thank you for it!
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Thanks bex it's just what I needed!
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Such a wonderful practice thank you bex
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