45-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Grounded and Fluid Flow

45 min - Practice


Rosemary guides us in a fluid practice to build a strong foundation while inviting in fluidity and ease. We move through (Surya Namaskars) Sun Salutations, grounding standing postures, and balancing postures before moving into hip openers and back-bending postures. You will feel rooted and connected.
What You'll Need: Mat

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I feel great and complete after this practice. This whole series is a major body trust builder for me right now, Thank you!
That's beautiful to hear, Gigi. I love "body trust builder" and am so happy the series is contributing to that. Enjoy!
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So wonderful! Again! From now on, I'm going straight for your practices, @Rosemary Garrison, because I know they'll be nourishing for my body, mind, and spirit.
Wonderful start to our day! Love the series. Thanks
Wow, Erika... thank you! I absolutely love it when the practice can nourish mind and spirit as well as body. So happy you had this experience. Enjoy!
Thank you, Kit & Dee Dee ! They were a pleasure to create and to share. Enjoy!
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Thank you! Your cueing and sequencing are soooo wonderful.
Thank you, Kate ! This makes me smile. Happy day.
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Love this flow. brings me to my heart space. XO
Yay for the heart space. Deep bows, R
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