Welcome to Ashtanga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 9

Balancing & Warrior Sequence

20 min - Practice


Dylan breaks down the standing one-legged balancing postures and warrior sequence breath by breath. This sequence is designed to be practiced after Fundamental Asanas. We begin with Sun Salutations to warm the body, before moving into the postures.
What You'll Need: Mat

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hi dylan, i stand on my left foot , leg straight , when i open my righ leg to the right , my left hip start hurting. any suggestions ?Many thanks Gin
Hey yutao (Ginger) , I wonder if it's related to Gluteus Medius or even Minimus. They are hip stabilizers and thus they work hard to keep the grounded leg strongly connected to the the pelvis. Maybe we can lengthen them. Where is the pain ? D
i'm not great at the one leg standing postures but feels good to be trying them out again. think i have to be quite modest re how high the raised leg goes. ;)

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