Aligned and Awake Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Spacious Chest and Shoulders

40 min - Practice


Nathan shares a practice that maps the experience of the chest and shoulders to see how we can dive deeper into opening these areas of the body. You will feel open and aware.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket (2), Strap, Block

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Enjoyed the thorough guidance through the poses feeling supported to understand the nuances of each asana.
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Lovely sequencing : ) You communicate with clarity. There is a kind of positivity that comes through in your teaching . It is inspiring and delightful : )
Well that made my morning :)
Thanks Kate !
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Beautiful class!!! I love how you explain everything step by step!!!
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Such a good teacher 🙏
Thank you Marlene!
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This was very useful for me, and I really loved the tip of pulsing to promote muscle memory. My chest feels open and expansive. Thank you Nathan.
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Hi Nathan, can my daughter who has a scoliosis do this practice? Especially with twists? Thanks

Venera , I am always a little hesitant to say yes or no in these instances because I don’t know your daughter’s situation fully. I am inclined to say that she should be fine to do the practice. When scoliosis is involved I always suggest shying away from attempting to strongly stretch the short side of the curve or attempting to make the sides symmetrical. Instead I have people focus on consistent practice, strength, and awareness of their sensations. This type of engaged process is what will help in the long run. As a rule, if there is pain or discomfort in the poses, back of the effort or skip the pose altogether for a while. I hope that info helps. - Nathan 
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Hello, Nathan. Thank you for your answer. She does her own special scoliosis exercises which she learnt from Schroth methode clinic. I thought it could be useful to add some yoga practice especially because she mostly has a little hunched back and shoulders. I'm always cautious to offer her a yoga practice because I don't really know if it's beneficial for her condition of harmful.
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