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Aligned and Awake

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Pam S
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I love Nathan's class 5, Deep and Steady Twisting, it is a favorite as  I return to a more regular home asana practice.  This is my introduction to this series and Nathan's teaching; I will be back for more starting tomorrow with class 1 and 2.  Thanks, Nathan, YogaAnytime and Kira!
Kira Sloane
Pam, so glad to hear this! We are developing new content with Nathan right now. Love, Kira
i absolutely love Nathan ,he's amazing and really knows what he's doing . can't wait to get started
MaryAnn D
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Think I found a favorite instructor, Nathan Briner.  He explains the whys and hows of each pose.  Learning the proper way to move in each pose has certainly helped my body and practice. 
Nathan Briner
MaryAnn D thank you very much and I’m glad you’ve found a practice that helps you feel your best! 

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