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Season 1 - Episode 12

Stress Set for Kidneys and Adrenals

30 min - Practice


Sukhdev shares a vibrant practice of repetitive exercises for the maintenance of the kidneys and adrenals. You will feel clear and alive.
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Sat Naam, welcome to a stress set for kidneys and adrenals. We know how important it is to have kidneys and adrenals that are functioning well. You know, you can be sleeping well, you can be eating well, but if your kidneys and adrenals are not functioning properly, it's really difficult to access that extra reserve of energy and capacity when you need it. And when you have strong kidneys and adrenals, it can really help you to control anger and hypoglycemia. So very important as a maintenance to keep those functioning well, and this is a great set to do as maintenance for the kidneys and adrenals.

So let's begin with tuning in with Aung Namo Guru Dev Namo and I'll take you through the set and we'll have a great time. Let's rub the palms or the hands, bring them at the heart center, take a deep inhale, exhale, set yourself, set your intention. Let's try to begin. Aung Namo Guru Dev Namo. Deep inhale, exhale, and let us begin.

So the first posture is Lodus Mudra, which is this, you're opening all the fingers up and this is going to be the end position here. So let me demonstrate. You're going to inhale in this way like you're pushing two walls out, and as you exhale, you're going to bring the palms together with a slight slap of the base of the palm, okay? So let's inhale, exhale, powerful breath, and begin. Your eyes can just be closed and get into the rhythm of it.

Let's work on these kidneys and adrenals. Exits. Inhale, hold, squeeze, root lock, rise the energy up. And exhale. This whole sequence we go from one exercise to the next, there's no real pause in between so let's move right along.

You're going to interlace the pinkies right here at the solar plexus. The thumbs are up and the rest of the fingers are curled onto the mounds of the hands, elbows are level to the ground and begin a breath of fire. As you're doing this breath of fire, you're pulling on the pinkies. This is working on one side of the adrenals. And continue.

And the thumbs are closed. Keep up, make sure that you're pulling those pinkies because we're working with these meridians that direct right to one side of the adrenals. Keep going, doing great. Inhale deep, pull the pinkies, squeeze the root lock. And exhale.

Here we go. We're going to work on the other side of the adrenals now. Pucker your lips. We're going to do canon breath through the lips, through puckered lips. It looks like this.

So the belly's pumping in and out. This is working on the other side of the adrenals. Close the eyes. Let's begin. As you're doing this, you want to focus on the spine.

Concentrate on your spinal cord. Keep up. Inhale deep, root lock, channel the energy upwards. Feed your kidneys and adrenals. And exhale.

So now we're going to place the back of the left hand below the ribcage. So twist your arm around and drop it right below the ribcage. The right arm comes out about a 60 degree angle. So we're up here, eyes are wide open, looking at the hand, and we're going to chant Har. On the navel, H-A-R.

And let's begin. Har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, heart, heart, heart, heart heart, heart, heart heart, heart, heart, heart heart, heart, heart, Har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har, har. Inhale deeply, root lock, close the eyes, and exhale. So let's go to body drops. Now a few things about body drops, the instructions say full lotus pose.

So if you can do full lotus pose, be my guest, I won't be doing that. The other thing is if you're on your cycle ladies or pregnant, please don't do these. Just do a nice little spinal flex instead, okay? Rest of us, let's get along. So we inhale, lift up the butt, exhale, drop it down, and let's begin.

Full breath really helps. Keep going, bounce up and down. Let's go. The strong breath will really help you inhale, exhale. Let's go, and inhale, exhale, good, okay.

Nice little relaxing exercise after that. We'll bring the left hand facing the body. The base of the palm of the right hand is going to grab the left wrist and you're going to wrap your hand around the left lower arm. And you're going to simply look down, you're going to press, apply some pressure with that right palm and just breathe long and deep while you're looking down. Long deep breaths.

And it says the power to which you breathe is the amount that you can heal. So really focus on those breaths. Let's begin. Long deep powerful breath. Exhale.

Make sure that you're pressing that left wrist. Make sure that you're pressing that right wrist. And deep inhale and exhale and release. Good. Let's go into a front stretch.

I'm going to bring the leg straight out in front of you. And we're going to bring the thumbs up and curl the rest of the fingers into the mount of the hand. You're going to inhale forward and exhale back at about 60 degrees. And let's begin. Keeping the arms parallel to the ground as you move forward and back.

The power of the breath will really help you to move the body with more ease. The power of the breath will really help you to move the body. Inhale and exhale. Lovely. And let's now come lying down on your back.

Just going to flip around, demonstrate. Going to be lying down on your back and we're going to do pelvic lifts. So you're here and the heels are as close to the buttocks as you can get them. You're going to inhale, lift up the pelvic floor and exhale down. And let's begin.

Use your breath to move your body. Pressing into your feet as you lift up the pelvic area. And inhale, hold it and exhale, release. Good. And let's come back up and we're going to come into a modified cat cow.

So come on all fours please. Knees are directly underneath the hips. Hands are directly underneath the shoulders. We're going to start with the left leg. So we're inhaling here as we curve the knee and meet the forehead and exhale out and high as you can.

And let's begin. Keep up even though it's challenging, just a little longer to go. Let's give those kidneys an adrenal some love. Inhale and relax. Take a breather for a moment and let's go to the other side.

That will do it. And ready, inhale and exhale, right leg up and down. Jane Fonda, she knew what was up. Working on those kidneys and adrenals and keep going. And inhale and exhale.

Stay right here. You're going to be in rock pose and we're going to do a lovely, much more calm exercise. Place the hands in prayer pose right in front of the knees. The thumbs are up and what we're doing is as we inhale, we're coming forward, curving the lower back and then exhaling, coming back. Inhale, curve the lower back.

Exhale, rest pose and continue. Long deep breaths. Make sure the chin is coming out as you curve. Inhale and exhale. And inhale, exhale.

Good work. And last thing, let's get onto our backs and we're going to do rolls, back rolls. So you're just simply going to bring your knees to your chest and just roll up and down. This is sort of the final thing to equalize all the energy in the kidneys and adrenals. Just a few more.

There we go. And now come lying down and just rest and receive. Allow all that beautiful energy to really be saved in yourselves and nourish your kidneys and adrenals. Come lying down on your back and open up the feet a little bit. Hands are open, absolute surrender position and just rest.

Let your breath come back to a natural flow and we'll be here for a few minutes. One more. One more. One more. One more.

One more. And begin to gently wiggle the fingers and the toes, bringing consciousness back into the body. Take a deep, grateful inhale as you stretch your arms above the head. And bring the hands together, rub them powerfully and the feet that stimulates all the nerve endings, 72,000 of them. And grab the knees to the chest and roll up and down and come seated.

Wow, kidneys and adrenals are happy. Let's bring the hands together for a long sat and a short nam and go into this day with just the most gratitude in our hearts. Inhale. Sat nam. Blessings to all, light to all, love to all, create a beautiful day.

Sat nam.


Jenny S
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Wow! Feeling very refreshed! Love that cultural reference towards the end...that was my go-to exercise video back in the day lol 💪
Ina V
Phantastic ! I feel fresh and powerful after this. Thank you.
Christel B
Yes indeed Jenny I did those exercises as well way back then, "feeling the burn". This is so refreshing.
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Thank you. This is a powerful practice and much appreciated by me and my kidneys! What a release.  
Margaret W
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Thank you Sukdhev. You continue to uplift, heal and inspire.
1 person likes this.
This video has been stopping on me. I had to keep on getting up and rewinding it.
Steve, thank you for letting us know. If you'd like to reach out to us (support@yogaanytime.com), we'd be happy to help you with this playback issue!

Ashley from Yoga Anytime
Margit A
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Wow, that was really powerful and amazing! Thank you so much for this wonderful practice! Love & blessings, Margit
Soukayna B
Thank you for that practice! I am working on my root chakra and heard that set was recommended. Should I do it daily for 40 days in a row? Thank you!
40 days in a row can be very beneficial. Yes! It will help you to rewire your thought patterns. get really clear about your intention and why you are doing this. Blessings! Sukhdev 
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