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What is Kundalini Yoga?

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Sukhdev shares a talk and an overview on the roots, history, and practices of Kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness. The daily sadhana (spiritual practice) of pranayama, kriya, meditation, and mantra allow us to tap into our creative potential and our own infinity.
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Nov 17, 2018
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Welcome to what is Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. It is tapping into the creative potential of a human being. When we do Kundalini Yoga, what we're doing is we're stimulating this dormant energy, this creative potential which rests at the base of the spine. As we do that with the pranayamas, the kriyas, the meditations, the chanting, we're instigating this energy to rise up through the spine, through the chakras and really come and open up what we call the 10th gate at the crown of the head and connect us to our own infinity.

It's really kind of a human manual to do Kundalini Yoga and to understand what it is to be finite and go to our infinity. So we can all acknowledge that we are more than just a physical body, a human being, a physical human being. We are half soul, we would say half human. In Kundalini Yoga, we look at the body, the being as 10 bodies and that consists of six energetic bodies, one physical body and three mental bodies and we will go deeper into this, into the next segment. But if you just consider this and this ancient science has a way of uniting, strengthening and balancing those 10 bodies.

And with this system, we feel more radiant, we feel more creative, we are more balanced, we rest more in what we call the meditative mind which is where we can assess the situation, any situation that we're in in our life, the negative, the positive and make a neutral point, make a neutral choice as to what to do and get off the rollercoaster of emotions of negative and positive. It is a very complete system with probably about 5000 kriyas in the range of kriyas meaning a series of movements that lead to a desired outcome. So anything that you're dealing with in your life, whether you're having digestive issues, got some liver stuff going on, kidneys, lungs, you need to learn how to calm your mind, you want more prosperity in your life, you want to get over heartbreak, whatever you're dealing with, I guarantee you in Kundalini Yoga you will find a meditation to deal with that ailment and go on the journey of healing it. It's a three-part system, we're not just working on the physical body, we're working on the energetic bodies, we're working on the mind and of course we're working on the physical body. And it is very much an experiential yoga.

You can't really understand it until you do it. So I really invite you to join me or go to a class and have an experience because once you have the experience of Kundalini Yoga you will have that experience, what it is to be finite and take yourself to your own infinity, to experience your own infinity. So just remember that, it's an experiential yoga. So this yoga is at least 5,000 years old and like most yogas it comes from India and it was brought to the West by a man named Yogi Bhajan. He came to the West in 69 and realized looking around America primarily that so many people were neurotic, were living in fear, had no sense of really their own divinity and a connectedness to their own divinity.

And for some reason the flower children were very attracted to this yoga and that's who he began to teach. So in those days there were a lot of drugs and alcohol and still in these days, a lot of us are dealing with that and he wanted to show those people how to get high naturally. So he showed them this system of Kundalini Yoga and he said you can experience this feeling of elatedness, of connectedness, of centeredness, of connecting with the cosmos even through Kundalini Yoga. You don't need any substances. Tap into your prana, tap into your inner pharmacy and get it from there.

And that's tremendously powerful and I think a lot of us who have had experiences and have come into sobriety want those experiences and we get it through Kundalini Yoga. So we're living in extremely transformative times, some would say challenging times and these times require us to be ready at any moment to face a challenge, to face our own egos, to face our own shadows, to deal with our families, to deal with what's happening in the world. And this yoga really gives us a system that builds and strengthens all the bodies and calms the mind so that we can live from an intuitive place, so that we can live feeling strong in our physical body and in our energetic bodies. In this way we know what is next, we know how to respond to the moment and bring the full caliber, capacity and grace to meet the challenges of our lives. He said something so beautiful which has always stayed with me, he said about yoga, the only reason we do yoga is so that we can be balanced enough within ourselves to recognize how to help somebody else, when to help somebody, to give them something, give them a pranayama, give them a meditation, give them a mantra, but give them something that can help them shift their energy.

He also said we do yoga so that we can bring grace to the most ungraceful moments of life and we know that life is full of ungraceful moments. We meet them every single day. The root and the core of Kundalini yoga is the daily practice because when you're pumping and charging your auric field, right, which is really the field, the electromagnetic field that repels the negativity around you and allows you to be centered within yourself, when we do that in the morning it only lasts 24 hours. So the mind, the aura and our physical structure is only really enlivened for 24 hours. So hence we get up, we meet the sun and we do our practice.

The sadhana, which is the daily spiritual practice, is really the foundation of Kundalini yoga. It's the heart of Kundalini yoga and do your daily sadhana was Yogi Bhajan's last words on his death bed. Do your sadhana because when you do your sadhana, when you get up before the sunrise, you meet yourself. You conquer your fears, you conquer your neurosis because you meet it head on. And then you clear yourself, you have lined yourself for the day and you can move forward in positivity, living from your intuition.

Another aspect of Kundalini yoga, which is huge, which I briefly mentioned is service. And it really is why we bring ourselves together in this container in the best way we can is so that we can go out and serve. We can support, we can serve our families, we can serve our community and we can serve the global community if that's your calling. But it's really about moving beyond yourself, moving beyond your issues, moving beyond your stories and going out into the world, into your family, into your community and serving from a place of being grounded and focused and radiant. It's the greatest happiness.

He said that the key to happiness is service. That when we serve, we are in our full happiness, in our full dharma. So remember, Kundalini yoga is an experiential yoga. So I look forward to sharing with you some mantras, some kriyas, we've got some great things lined up for you. So join us or you can go to a class and really give yourself an experience and then see where you're at.

Enjoy. Sat Naam.


Narayan T
1 person likes this.
This sounds absolutely amazing!! I am so excited to dive in and go on this new adventure with you. Thank you for teaching me  
Stacie, we're excited to be a part of your new adventure! Keep close and do share what comes up or if any questions arise :) Warm wishes, Ashley from Yoga Anytime
Sonia F
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Beautiful. Thank you!
Maro T
Hello .Do you know,how i can put subtitles to these videos?
Melissa C
so nice to meet you. i am excited about this experiential journey of kundalini yoga. thank you sat nam

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