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Season 1 - Episode 3

Kundalini Turban Tutorial

10 min - Tutorial


Sukhdev offers a talk on why white and turbans are worn in Kundalini yoga before providing a tutorial on various ways to wrap a turban.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Nov 17, 2018
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Welcome, and I'm so glad that you're joining me for this small talk on what's the deal with wearing white in Kundalini Yoga? Why do we wrap our heads? It's very simple. It's actually wearing white is a science. Colors have a personality.

Colors, different colors represent different chakras. So in Kundalini Yoga, the goal, the aim, is to be as neutral as we can be. And because white is neutral and actually encompasses all the colors of the chakras, it allows us to access that state much quicker. So we wear white to stay neutral, and it also helps us to expand our aura, okay? So that's the deal on white.

Let's do a small little turban tutorial. I'm going to do my best to give you a couple of options, and the way that I tie my hair, which is easy and fun, and sometimes, most of the time, I wear a white head scarf, but sometimes I wear colors too. I think that it's quite fun to wear colors up on the head, and you can try it out and see how it feels. So if you have longish hair, you know, shoulder length or longer than that, or if you have short hair, it's totally fine too. You can wrap your head.

So I'm going to do this tutorial for enough hair that you can actually pull a bun on the top of your head. So you would bring all your hair together, and the aim for women is to have it at the crown of the head, and for men, it's much more closer to the hairline, okay? So I'm going to bring it to the crown, and imagine your hair and why yogis don't cut hair is because your hair is antenna. It's energetic, it absorbs energy, it's subtle, it's a subtle antenna. So when you put your hair up, you're basically facilitating the Kundalini energy from the base of the spine to rise with more ease and quicker.

So I'm going to show you how I did that again, because I was talking. So you're going to bring all your hair up, and here, just twist it, and then just keep kind of twisting and wrapping it, coiling it around, twisting it, twisting it, and you're going to coil it around, and then I'm just going to put a hair tie on top of that. So I've got myself a nice little bun right there. So if you were a man and you had long hair, you would bring it more forward. You would bring it right about here.

So with the turban and why it's so effective, let me tell you, there is so many meridians right here following the pathway of the hairline, which is your arc line, which is your energetic centers, one of the ten bodies, which is the nucleus of your aura. It's where all this information filters in from the world. So imagine social media, imagine the amount of information we have coming at us every single day. It comes in through this portal called the arc line, and it dumps into your subconscious. Why do we meditate?

To clean out the subconscious. So when you wear a turban, a head wrap, it covers this energetic center, and it allows you to feel much more focused and grounded. I personally have gotten really used to wearing a head wrap, and I love it. It feels so good. It helps you to stay focused.

It helps you to stay grounded. Women, especially, try this out. When you're on your cycle, wrap your head. You'll feel much more of a contained energy. So get yourself any scarf, you don't have to buy anything special, something out of your closet.

And in the winter, I'll wrap my head in the morning with a cashmere scarf or just anything that has a length, probably about six to eight feet. And this is one of the simple ways. It's not the traditional way, I'm just showing you a simple way to do it. So this scarf is this width, and I'm going to fold it one time, and then a second time. Super simple, right here, I'm going to put it in the front and adjust it, and then I'm just going to go to the back and cross it over and bring it back to the front and cross it over again, and then just tie it, make a knot in the back.

That's it. And that feels really good. It just contains all that energy, and it covers the crown as well. Now so that's one way of doing it, right? From the side angle, got the little knot here, there we go.

So let me show you a different way, and this is a little bit more of a traditional way to wrap it. And this would cover the entire bun. This would cover the entire crown chakra. So again, you've got about a six foot or an eight foot scarf, and it's about this length. I'm going to fold this in half, and I'm going to have the fold, so where I want the front to be, to the right, facing the right.

So I folded the scarf, and I'm just going to put it on top of the bun. See right here? So it covers the bun, and then I'm going to hold the back of it. And then I'm going to kind of just start to wrap it in this way. Not sure what it's going to look like, but we'll do the best we can.

And then you're just going to wrap it around, so I'm holding the back of it. You know, and this just takes practice. So then here, make sure all the pieces are in, and then wrapping it again. Everything's in. And I'm just tucking it in the back, just into a fold, making sure that it's nice and tight.

Ooh, that feels good too. And then here we go. You've got the crown completely covered, and that's a different kind of feeling. It's even more containment. Like you feel even more contained when the whole head is wrapped.

So those are two ways that I enjoy wrapping my head, and I hope that they were helpful for you. You know, again, Kundalini Yoga is really the yoga of awareness. It's an experiential yoga. So just try it and sort of let everything reveal itself in time. I hope you enjoy it, and it can be of use to you.

Sat Naam.


Tara S
2 people like this.
This tutorial was incredibly helpful and easy to follow. Thank you.
Narayan T
This was so helpful, thank you! When do you, personally, wear your turban? Just around the home? Out and about? 
Ann-Marie E
Just love this tutorial. Out of the box, joyful and helpful.

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