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Season 4 - Episode 4

Creative Flow

30 min - Practice


Brenda guides us in creative, strong, and fluid vinyasa flow sequence that allows us to open up to the possibilities as we trust the magic and discipline of our practice.
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Welcome back. This practice will be a creative flow, so allowing us to open up to the possibilities as we trust the magic and the discipline of the practice. So let's go ahead and start on all fours. Shoulders over wrists, hips over knees, and we'll just begin with a few cat-cows just to tune into our breath. So in an inhale allow the belly to drop, chest to lift, tail to lift, and you're exhaled around spine high, belly button draws in and tucking in. Inhale initiates the movement of the chest lift, tail lift. Exhale rounding in, tuning in and moving to your own breath time. So if my cues are a little fast or a little slow please honor your own time. Exhale round, inhale heart open, tail lift, and exhale. Find neutral, spine long, taking right arm forward, left leg back, reach the heel back, reach the fingertips forward, and on an exhale round and tuck in, elbow and knee touch, and on an inhale as you reach the right arm forward, left leg back. See if you can kick the heel up just a little back bend. Good. Exhale draw it in. Inhale reach back again, arm lift, leg lift, just a little back bend. Exhale. Inhale reach the left leg back, slowly take the right arm down. We're gonna roll on to the right side dropping the left foot down. So a little kickstand of the right leg back, roll on to your left side. So start with your left hand to the hip and we're gonna lift the left leg. From here take the left arm back and then just a gentle bend of the knee, a light kickback, so a really soft, sweet chapasana as we open up our practice. So the chin can roll back, the right shoulder blades jalling down the back to keep the right shoulder stable. Good. Release the back leg, bring the right foot to the floor, and then inhale take the left arm high. Good. Slowly reach the arm way forward, soften the back knee and just make big circles in this modified vashisthasana. Good. Inhale reach, reach, reach, and a slow exhale. Last one. Inhale a big reach and exhale. Bring the left hand down, come back to all fours. Good. This time take the left arm forward, right leg back. A big reach. Exhale, draw it in. Inhale left arm forward, right leg back and a little back bend. Exhale round and tuck. Inhale and exhale round. Take the leg long, arm long, lower the left hand down. Bring the right foot down as you set up modified vashisthasana. So I like to kickstand my left leg behind a little bit. Take the right arm up and then bring the right hand to hip. Start to lift the right leg and then as you bend the right knee reach back for the foot. Just a light back bend as you kick in. Start to roll the shoulders back and down. Lengthen the top leg, lower it down to the floor. Inhale, take the right arm high, modified vashisthasana, and then inhale reach forward and a soft bend the knee as you swoop back. Inhale, reach forward. Good. Swoop on back. Inhale, exhale, swoop on back. Bring the hands down. Inhale, lift the hips, take it back downward facing dog. Just taking about four breaths here. Again, either finding steadiness or a little swivel of the hips. And inhale, lift the heels, lower to the knees. Take the right leg long behind you. Curl the toes under, fire up the right leg to the ceiling. And on an inhale, lift the right heel even with the right sit bone. When you're set, inhale, lift the hips, three-legged dog. Good. Exhale, draw the knee in towards the heart. Take that little moment, pause, and then place the foot down. Rise up warrior two. Rise up low in the legs, sweeten the arms and upper body. Right palm lift, right into reverse. Take a big reach back, let the right sit bone drift towards the right heel. And then on an exhale, as we move the hands, lift the back heel to bring the left hip around. Lunge, twist, right arm lifts up. Shoulders draw down and back. Okay, as you exhale, bring the right hand down. We're going to step back three-legged dog. From here, as we move through a flow, you have the option to bring the foot down or slide forward to plank, lower to the floor, or chaturanga. Then on an inhale, both feet to the floor, slide the shoulders back, shine the heart forward, and then exhale back, downward facing dog. Inhale, lift the balls of the feet, come down to the knees, left leg comes back. Find a little fire in the back of the thigh. Inhale, lift the left heel even with the right sit bone. Curl the right toes under. Inhale, lift up and back three-legged dog. Exhale, knee into nose, take a pause. Step down, warrior two, rise up low in the legs, soften the arms. Inhale, left palm, less reverse. Exhale, lunge twist, right hand down, back heel lifts, big open heart to the left. Bring the left hand down, stepping back three-legged dog is an option, or right back to downward facing dog. So the option in transition here is to keep the left leg lifted as you slide into plank, chaturanga. Inhale, upward, let both feet come to the floor, lift the heart, lift the chin lightly, exhale back, downward facing dog. Inhale, lift the heels, come back down to the knees. This time we're gonna add on. So right leg back, right thigh lifts up, lift the heel even with the right sit bone. Then when you're ready, inhale, lift up three-legged dog. Exhale, knee in towards the heart, place the foot down, warrior two, rise up. So just as we did the first time through. Exhale, back reverse, slide into lunge twist, back heel lifts, left hand comes around. Okay, from here, choice A, you can step back into plank to move into Vasisthasana, or you can drop the left heel down, bring knee into the chest, slide into Vasisthasana. So hips lift, shoulders stacked, and the gaze can go up to the right thumb, or you can keep it neutral. See if you can sustain here for a few breaths. Notice this top hip, it wants to rock back, see if we can keep it right over top of the left. Okay, to come out of this, you can either go back to plank or draw the knee into the chest, come back to a lunge twist. Light through the fingertips. To transition all the way through, we're gonna inhale, rise up, reverse warrior, enjoy that transition, and exhale, hands come down to frame the front foot, take it back, three-legged dog. On an inhale, slide forward, either right foot lifted or lowered, option chaturanga or the floor, and inhale upward. Exhale, back. Good, three breaths in between. Inhale, lift to the balls of the feet, lower to the knees.

Inhale, take the left leg behind you, bring a little energy to the left leg, lift up left heel, left sit bone. Inhale, come back up, three-legged dog. Exhale, knee in towards the heart. Place the foot down, warrior two, rise up. Left palm lifts right into reverse. Good, here we go, lunge twist, lift the back heel to bring the right hip around. So here's your choice, either plank to vashisthasana or drop the back heel, knee comes in and then stacks, left hand up. Good. So your choice here, you can keep gaze neutral or down or take the gaze up to the left thumb. See if you can keep the hips buoyant, legs engaged, heart soft. Okay, to come out, again, either plank and then bring the foot forward into a lunge or knee into the chest. Step back into a lunge twist. Let your arms flow as you drop the back heel to find reverse warrior. Let the hands come down to frame the front foot. Take it back, three-legged dog, left leg lifts high. Slide forward plank pose with the left leg lifted and then chaturanga. Take that moment in the shape. Inhale upward or low cobra, exhale back. Three breaths. Rise to the balls of the feet, come back down to the knees. Take the right leg back, same start, lift the heel. Three-legged dog. Gently draw the knee in towards the heart, round the upper back just like a ladybug. Place the foot down, rise up warrior two, into reverse. Finding our lunge twist with the back heel lifting. Okay, so from here, same option, making our way back into Vashisthasana. Knee to chest or plank and then back. Good. See if you can draw the knee up as a second pose and then drop the foot behind you. So it's a little more narrow than a full wild thing. And then on an exhale, let the left sit bone come down, like I should say the left outer thigh. Good, we're gonna flow a little bit with this. On an inhale, let the arm lift, let the heart lift, pubic bone lift. And then we slowly come down on an exhale. Good. Two more and then we'll hold on the last one. One more. Inhale to lift. See if you can rise on the ball of the right foot, lift the heart, reach the right arm back. And if it seems interesting, you can take the right palm to the back of the head, press the head into the palm. Good. Slowly lower down. Okay, from here we're gonna transition back through Vashisthasana. So strong through the left arm, solid in the left shoulder. Choice to come to plank to come into your lunge twist or knee to chest. Rotate through. Inhale, rise up, reverse. We've been here before. Exhale, palms frame the front foot, take it back, three-legged dog, right leg lifts. Slide forward, plank. Chaturanga. Inhale, both feet to the floor, long and wide. Exhale, back. Lower down to the knees and shins, left side, left leg back. Inhale, lift the left heel. When you're set, curl the right toes under, lift the hips, downward facing dog. Exhale, knee to heart. Place the foot down, warrior, to rise up. Right into reverse. Exhale, lunge twist. Take that back heel, lift it up to bring the right hip around. Making your way into Vashisthasana. Slide the knee, stack the feet. Okay, from here lift your left knee, bring the toes down to the floor behind you, knee to the sky. Inhale, lift up. Good. Exhale, let the right outer thigh come down and pause. So we're gonna flow for three again. Inhale, rise up, and your exhale comes down. So it's a little closer feet than wild thing, a little bit more compact. Exhale, and the third one, your option if you'd like to take the left palm to the back of the head. Right shoulder stable, press the head in the back of the hand. Finding a place you can sustain where you can get full breath in, full breath out. Good. Take the arm long, lower down. Good. Re-adjust the right shoulder. Let's come back up Vashisthasana. Stack the legs. Left knee comes back into the chest. We find our lunge twist, and we transition. Inhale, rise up into reverse, and exhale. Windmill the arms down to frame the front foot. Left leg high, three-legged dog. Slide forward. Option to keeping left leg up.

Chaturanga. Inhale, upward or low cobra. Exhale, back. Good. Three to four breaths between each side. Good. Inhale, lift to the balls of the feet. Come down into the knees. We have one more round, right and left side. Right leg back, curl the toes under. Lift the back heel. On an inhale, lift the hips. Downward facing dog, the right leg lifted. Exhale, knee in towards the heart. Place the foot down, warrior two. Right into reverse. Into a lunge twist. Re-adjust shoulder stacked. So here we're moving Vashisthasana. Drop the back heel, right knee into the chest. Okay, option. You can stay here, or you can start to lift the right foot, bend the knee. Find again chapasana as we did in the beginning of class. We're a light kickback, so we're exploring our back bend. Little play of balance. Good. Lengthen the legs, stack the feet, and then we'll come back. Lunge twist. Right knee to chest. Re-adjust the arms. Inhale, rise up, reverse. And we'll take it all the way through three-legged dog, right leg lifts. Inhale, slide forward. Plank pose with the option of the right leg up or down. Chaturanga. Inhale, upward dog, both feet come to the floor. Exhale, back. Inhale, lift to the balls of feet. Lower the knees and shins. Last side. Left leg back. Curl the toes under. Inhale, lift the heel. Curl the right toes under. Lift the hips, three-legged dog. Exhale, knee into the heart. Place the foot down as you rise up, warrior two. Then right into reverse warrior. Into our lunge twist. Drop the back heel as you slide into vashti-sasa or stay with that plank transition. Okay, so from here, again, the option chapasana. So the left leg lifts, bend the knee, and a little kick back. Yeah. So embrace the play.

Embrace the balance. Engage your right shoulder. Good. One more breath. Nice. And then take your left leg long. Draw the knee in back into the chest for the transition of the lunge twist. Left arm high. And on an inhale, rise up, reverse. Say low through the hips. Exhale, windmill the hands down to frame the front foot. Take it into a three-legged dog. Left leg lifts. And then option to slide forward into plank with the left leg lifted. Right? Where you can bring it down. Chaturanga slides, shoulders and elbows even. Inhale upward or low cobra. Exhale back. Downward facing dog. On an inhale, lift to the balls of the feet. Lower the knees. Come right into child's pose. Just one more breath. And slowly sliding forward all the way on to your belly. Your forehead come down. Take your arms back by your sides. And see if you can slide the inner thighs towards each other. And where they start to spin upward just a bit. On your next inhale, just gently lift the shoulders, the upper spine and your head. And then exhale, release. On your next inhale, let's see if you can lift your upper body. So from belly button up. And then the lower limbs. So press the pubic bone down. Draw the legs. And then almost like you're creating a little bit of traction with the hands to lift the shoulder heads up. Keep that action going but then take the arms back. Spread the fingers. Feel the thumbs almost like flip out to the side so it peels the shoulders up. See if you can play with lifting a little higher, going a little bit longer with your torso. But never giving up your breath, right? Always having that place where you can connect and feel and sense the moment. Good. Exhale, release. Take one ear to the floor. And with your exhales, just feel that grounding, the releasing, the letting go of the shoulders, thighs and belly. And this time bring the forehead back to center. On an inhale, rise up again. Shalambasana. See if you can bring the thighs inward and roll them up. Lift the chest, reach the arms back. Second option if you want to interlace the hands behind the back. You can take the fist down or you can take the pointer fingers down. So see if your arms go pastry, if you can put a little bend in the elbows. Lift, lift, lift. Find a place where again you can still take a full inhale and a full exhale. Keeping the eyes soft, reaching the crown forward. Let's take one more big round of breath. Exhale, this time taking the right ear to the floor. Just allow the shoulders to get heavy, belly to soften. Bring the forehead back to center. Start to bend the knees. Bring the heels in towards the bum. Reach the hands back either for the tops of the feet or just below the ankles and flex the feet. So your choice. Feet can be pointed or flexed. Draw the inner thighs again back towards each other. So about hip distance apart and on an inhale just lift the chest. Start to lift the legs and exhale, kick back. So the gaze is up to you. You can take the chin downward. You can keep it neutral or you can start to take it upward. I just like to change it up each time I do it. An idea of always kind of looking for something new. Not letting myself get used to something. Exhale, release. Just create a little pillow with your hands. Let your forehead come on your head. Bend the knees and just little gently let the feet flip out to one side like a windshield wiper. Gently up through center through the opposite side. One more each side. Inhale to center. Last one to the left. Bring them back up. Take the legs long. Press on back towards child's pose. See if you can reach the fingertips far out. Exhale, take the sit bones way back. Start to draw the hands back, lifting up the torso. Just start to slide onto your back as you roll over. Gently rolling all the way back. From here take the legs long. You're gonna draw the left knee in towards the chest. Either drawing it straight down to the chest or towards the armpit. Take the right leg long. We're gonna take the left knee across the right side of our body, adding a twist. Left arm can reach long and away so the gaze is gonna go opposite and you can put a gentle press down on the outer edge of the thigh. Just letting go to gravity. So they're coming back up to center and give another squeeze of the left knee into the chest. Then take the left leg long. Right knee comes into the chest just a gentle squeeze in and then gently start to take the leg across the body towards the left. Take the right arm long. Reach the right arm away and a gentle press to the left thigh down. If your eyes can get heavy just continue to soften through the breath. Coming back to center. Bring the right knee into the chest and then draw the left knee in and then gently bend the knees reaching for either the outer edges of the feet or the inside. I kind of like the inside. My arms are a little shorter. Let the knees start to drop towards the armpits in the direction of the floor. Not getting caught up of how deep they go. See if you can exhale and soften the low back, the sacrum to the floor. If you want to find a little movement. Gently bring the knees back in. One last squeeze. Then one leg at a time. Start to make your way into your final pose, Shavasana. Okay the arms long. See if you can lift the palms. Allowing the breath to settle.

And then the legs get heavy. The arms heavy. And just staying present in each moment.


Christel B
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You're keeping it fresh in this energizing half hour flow. Namaste.
Erika H
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Thank you Brenda! Your light, playful spirit got me through that demanding (but enjoyable!) shoulder work. I loved the fluidity of this practice.
Vanessa B
fairly fast flow, good for shoulder strength. Thank you
Nina S
Great challenging flow. Thank you , Namaste
1 person likes this.
I'm finding this to be a perfect practice for those quarantine days where I'm uncertain about my body, my headspace, and my spirit. It's so exploratory and awakening! Thank you.

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