Yoga for Our Nature Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8


35 min - Practice


A deep relationship with your breath will result in a more open perspective. Melina draws our awareness to our breath and then guides us through a magnificent flowing sequence to increase strength, balance, and spaciousness.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block

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Inspiring practice ... Love the precise instructions to each asana. Ingenuous way to stretch the legs :)
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thanks marcia and i hope to see you soon in person for more yoga and leg stretching!
Hi Melina, I love your elemental yoga! I've already done your water practice and it was amazing, and now I find this one also feels really good for me:). Love your style and instructions and hope to see more workouts from you here:).
Thanks Elena and there will be more classes on the horizon! Stay tuned and I hope the to other elements also help you feel wonderful.
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Thank you! Looking forward to more classes from you!:)
thanks, really nice practice
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This deep instruction is making a difference in my life. Bless you for that.
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So nice! My asthma has been acting up, and, this practice really helped. Thank you Melina!
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Using the belt around the diaphragm was a REVELATION. Brilliant exploration of the breath. Many thanks!
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Great for posture for the gravity challenged...over the top in n er thigh stretch. Breath for anti agitation, busy mind imperative for me

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