Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Go-to Sequence v.2

30 min - Practice


Find strength and stability in the legs and lightness in the heart. Brenda guides us through a 30-minute go-to sequence to find grounding, grace, and ease.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Welcome, we're going to go to it right at the top of the mat. Find your stance, soft knees, strong legs, interlace the hands, press the palms down and then reach them up, soften the shoulders and find a shift to your right. Bend the left knee, bump the right hip a little bit to the right for a bigger arch. Inhale, center, exhale, find a dip to your left, right knee bends, left hip bumps, again a nice big arch to the right side. Inhale, center your exhale arms right back behind you, heart light, interlace the hands strong through your stance, lift the heart, fold it forward.

Chest to the thighs, lift the tailbone, let the head go. Another big breath here, soft through the elbows, exhale, let the hands drape down to the floor, inhale, roll up as you bend the knees deeply, feel your low back, middle back, upper back, shoulders roll back and let the arms continue to lift, hook the thumbs, pull the hands apart so you engage all the arm muscles, lift up and over to the right. Left knee bends right, hip bumps a little bit to the right and then inhale, come up to center, exhale, reach to your left, right knee bends left, hip bumps a little bit to the left, inhale, center, exhale, arms come back behind you, interlace, see if you can find the goofy hand on top, inhale, exhale, fold forward, good, soft through the knees strong through the legs, shift the sit bones over the heels, exhale, release the hands down, bend the knees, rise up chair pose as you lower the sit bones, arms frame the ears and then lift, hips, belly, heart, inhale, rise up, exhale, hands to heart and take a moment here, allow yourself to feel your feet elongate through the spine, draw the head back for a beat, inhale, first lunge series, take the arms up, exhale, fold forward, inhale, halfway lift, heart forward, left leg steps back, runner's lunge, pause here, heart forward, right hip back, feel free to cushion and wiggle through the back knee a little bit, extend through the back leg, back heel high, one more breath, good, hands come down, step back downward facing dog, feel the right knee bend, then the left knee, good, and then both heels back as the arms are shoulder distance apart getting long through the spine and on your inhale, left leg is going to come forward, runner's lunge again, feel that little wiggle as you bring the left knee over the ankle, heart forward and again maybe a little bend and straighten, bend and straighten, heart forward, good, inhale, step all the way forward, right foot meets left as you exhale, fold forward, inhale, rise up, chair pose, arms frame the ears, inhale, stand all the way up, exhale, hands to heart, mountain pose and we're going to move right into our second lunge series, inhale, take the arms up, exhale, fold forward, inhale, halfway lift, this time right leg back, find your runner's lunge, we've been here, left hand to the hip, draw that hip pocket back, shift the heart over to the left and then left arm up, lunge twist, slide the shoulders back down, feel the left hip continue to draw back, good, maybe a little bit of a back bend and then exhale, left hand comes down, back knee to the ground, moving in and out of half split, toes up, inhale, come forward through a low lunge, we'll go two more like that, exhale, lengthen the left leg, inhale to come forward, good, one more, exhale, inhale forward from here, option, walk the hands up onto the thigh, invitation to stay here or take the arms up to frame your ears, find the thumbs hooked, draw the hands apart again to get long through both your side bodies, maybe a little wiggle, your exhale, release the arms behind, interlace the sacrum, draw the fist down, hips up, left hip bone dipping towards the left heel, exhale, release the hands down, lengthen through the left leg, left toes lift, palms come to the floor, shift forward through a lunge, we're going to step back into downward facing dog, take two, three breaths here as you press through the palms, lift the sit bones, press the thighs back, on an inhale, bring the right leg forward, root the left hand down under the left shoulder, take the right thumb in that right hip pocket, draw the hip back and then rotate the shoulders back and down as you peel the right arm up, lunge twist, maybe a little back bend, exhale, right hand comes down, left knee down, find a little lunge and then extend the right leg, long right toes lift, inhale to come forward, again we're going to dance in and out of this just lightly, tuning in, checking in how the hip and the hamstring feel, got one more exhale, long toes lift, inhale to come forward, this one we hold, walk the hands up onto the thigh, invitation to stay right here or take the arms up, interlace the thumbs, pull them apart, lift up, go back lightly, shoulders slot down the back, draw through the back body, keep all this length and then exhale, hands come back behind, interlace, draw the fist down, heart high, good, exhale, release the hands down to the floor, long through the right leg, hamstring stretch, toes reach the ceiling, heart reaches towards the toes, almost like you're digging the right heel in, drawing the right heel back, bring the gaze forward, come through a runner's lunge, we're going to have left foot meet right, exhale fold in, inhale lower the seat, rise up chair pose, arms come up to frame the ears and if you can lift up, hips, belly, heart, shoulders slide down, inhale press through the legs, exhale hands come to heart and hold right here, feel the stability in your feet, the alignment of the hips lifting, shoulders drawing back creating an effortlessness, maybe just an ah moment, exhale release the hands, let's go ahead and step wide across our mat, feet parallel, let's bring the hands of the hips stand up nice and tall and on exhale let the hands slide down the thighs, maybe drifting down onto the shins, a little sweetness in the knees but strong through the feet, strong through the legs and just add a little wiggle side to side, if it feels inviting you can bend the knee a little deeper, exploring a little press away, take one more each side, excellent, then round through the spine a little bit, bend the knees deeper and on an inhale roll up, let the hands slide up the shins, up the thighs, ah then shoulders roll back then head lifts, right into warrior two right toes turn to the top of the mat, maybe a little wider stance, open the arms bend the right knee over the right ankle and then on an inhale we're going to come out of it, exhale sink back down warrior two strong through the outer edge of the back foot, inhale to rise, exhale back in right inner thigh spins the ceiling right outer thigh down, one more in and this one exhale we hold for three breaths soft through the shoulders and the gaze can come out over the middle finger, do a little check reaching forward and back so you can find center, good on an inhale come all the way back up turn the right toes in, left toes to the back warrior two exhale soften in, find your pose, find your stance, then inhale let's come out, dancing back in right into warrior two arms long, inhale come out, exhale soften the left sit bone down towards the heel strong through the outer edge of the right foot, inhale this one we're going to hold exhale warrior two, three breaths, find the left outer thigh spin to the ceiling left outer thigh down, beautiful spiral, right thigh presses back but so tender with the right hip coming forward, beautiful inhale come on back up turn the toes in maybe decrease your size of your stance a little bit, stick the arms back behind you, interlace the hands maybe draw the palms towards each other lift the heart buoyant, soften the knees a little bit strong through the legs exhale fold forward let the crown come down towards the floor let the head go if it helps shaking side to side really feel your feet engaged lifting your tailbone maybe sliding the sit bones over the heel plane, good exhale release the hands to the floor walk the hands out for hammock pose so you're going to reach the fingertips out as far as you can reach the sit bones back get nice and long this is my favorite it always feels so yummy excellent walk the hands back toe heel the feet in we're going to move in towards squat pose so start to bend the knees lower the sit bones and you might find a pause here you might find a pause all the way down find the place for your body palms might come to the heart extra credit for the sides of your mouth to rise up one more breath see if you can lift the heart good palms down lift the hips toe heel the feet in just a little bit round the upper spine and inhale come on up little back middle back upper back see if you can feel each articulation of each vertebrae on the way up and then pause taking a moment in mountain pose feeling the feet feeling the hips over the ankles heart light great eyes lightly open let's root into our left foot moving into tree pose let's bring the bottom the the ball of the right foot onto the floor option as you bring the right hip a little forward you could stay right here you can bring the foot just below the knee above the knee or feel free to come to the inner thigh right so there's a press of thigh and foot together hands can come to the heart it's like this long line of energy this upward lift and a real lightness on the right hip coming forward right soft gaze maybe find one point to look at excellent two more breaths lift up nice and tall great bring the knee inwards exhale lower the knee down kind of give a little rock back and forth to feel your feet and then root into the right foot give a little kickstand invitation to stay right here or lower lift the foot up beneath the knee above the knee or inner thigh right and then tune in the left hip just like our warrior two is a little bit forward foot and thigh press towards each other and then stand up nice and bright and here's the beauty if you fall out just come right back in in good light through the eyes shoulders roll back and we'll stay here for two more breaths real light real long nice net bend left knee slide in exhale lower the foot down take a moment we're going to go back to the top of the mat for our standing pose pattern and inhale take the arms up arms frame the ears and exhale fold forward house on salutation inhale come halfway lift exhale take the left leg back runner's lunge we know this drop the back heel we're going to set up a blueprint here form to the thigh left hand to the hip roll the shoulders back and down and feel a long line of energy all the way down through the left foot start to lengthen through the right leg finding triangle so the hand might come shin ankle or floor again adjust the shoulders back and down and then inhale take the left arm up to the sky and the gaze is up to you if it feels okay you can take the gaze down towards the toe out to the side or maybe start to spiral it up towards the thumb two more breaths see if you can spiral the right thigh to the right so the right knee is facing the middle toe good soften the right knee bring the hand back down to the hip we're going to come back into side angle pose here so either right into the blueprint or hand can come down into the ankle to press the knee backwards left arm can come up so meaning that the left knee is going to stay right over the ankle arm lifts and for some it might feel okay to take the right hand down to the pinky side of the foot good spiral the shoulders back so a little back bend draw the chin in good on an exhale bring the left hand down left heel lifts start to squarish the hips and lengthen the right leg long pyramid pose inhale take the heart forward exhale fold in right if the back heel starts to lower you can lift the front foot a little bit that might feel interesting or place them both down or one up one down good from here slide forward into your lunge left hand stays down right arm up lunge twist again you can kind of play with a little back knee bend to find a big opening heartless maybe a little bit more of a back bend on this one exhale right hand comes down find your runner's lunge and we'll press back into downward facing dog good thighs press back hips lift up palms press strong one more full breath here right and slowly walking back up to the top when you arrive inhale come halfway up exhale fold inhale take the arms all the way up half sun salutation exhale fold right back in inhale halfway rise right leg back setting up our blueprint from our runner's lunge drop the right heel bring the left form to the thigh right hand to the hip roll the shoulders back and down good once you feel stable with the legs start to lengthen the left leg long finding triangle right so hand might be shin foot or floor and then peel right arm up so stacking the shoulders find your gaze right again engaging the upper left thigh spiral it a bit to the left and that brings it right to center gentle through the right hip let it come downward just a bit good soften the left knee you can either come back to the blueprint hand to hip you can let the hand slide down inside or outside the left knee inhale draw the right arm up side angle pose right the gaze can be the same if it's easier on the neck take the gaze down take it out to the side or maybe up towards the thumb um good two more breaths heartless roll the shoulders back draw the chin in exhale hands down lift the back heel pyramid poses you lift the hips draw the left hip back take an inhale lengthen and then exhale fold in and then just maybe if you on the other side play with this lifting the foot back heel we're both fabulous bend the left knee come back to your lunge and then plant the right hand under the shoulder we'll return back to our lunge twist again this one you can soften the back knee a little and fire it up maybe explore a bit of it back bend soft through the elbow right exhale bring the hand down gaze forward glide forward into plank pose shoulders over wrists lift the heels up draw into your center line we're going to build a little bit of heat here so see if maybe you can draw your feet towards your hands your hands towards your feet belly button to spine and at the same time see if you can soften the muscles around your eyes around your jaw enjoy the few moments of anga jamayatva the shaking of the limbs good two more breaths right one more still be building a little bit of heat excellent lower the knees to the floor stack hips over knees again shoulders right over wrists and on an inhale let the belly come down for cat cow roll the shoulders back lift the tail and exhale round tail touch chin touch spine to the sky good one more inhale heartless tail lifts maybe chin lifts and exhale around but from this rounding exhale press all the way back child's pose big toes touch just for a beat for transition and inhale we're going to lift up and then slide right onto the belly coming right into sphinx pose line up elbows under shoulders press the palms down almost like you're dragging the heart forward like pawing at the earth slide the shoulders back relax the bum relax the feet and take one more big breath here exhale release let the forehead come to the floor and slide the finger pads right under the shoulders you can readjust the legs reaching them back inhale rise up low cobra more action coming from your back muscles than the palms but a light draw back of the palms go one more big breath big lift exhale release forehead comes back down to the floor and starting again from low cobra we're going to lift up and from here once you engage the back muscles reach the arms back take the palms down flip the thumbs up and at the same time now we're going to lift the legs up locus pose feel free to turn the chin side to side lift the heart spiral the shoulders back one more breath exhale release bring the forehead down you can keep the arms back behind you maybe a little wiggle to release the low back good second locus on an inhale lift up again just as we just were arms back legs up an option interlace the hands pull the fist back to lift the shoulders a little higher and just a sweet bend through the elbows again that little shift head side to side exhale release forehead down give a little wiggle releasing the low back count and inhale start to lift the chest lift the legs again from locus this time bend the knees reach back bow pose lift the chest exhale kick back you can flex the feet or point them them gaze can be down neutral or up big breath maybe a little rock one more exhale release let the forehead come down hands come under the shoulders take a moment to let the low back release and when you're ready press back child's pose big toes touch round in let yourself soften down see if you can release through the low back let the layers just soften through the shoulders relax the muscles in the eyes and when you're ready we're gonna sit up and slide onto our backs knees to chest draw the knees in give a little squeeze a little wiggle then place the feet down hip distance apart about an inch or two from your sit bones and root through the feet and inhale rise up bridge pose see if you slide the shoulders down maybe palms face up kind of slides the shoulders under and then another option is to interlace the hands and walking the shoulders under pressing through the feet draw the inner thighs inward maintaining a little space between the floor and the back of your neck a little space between your chin and the chest right at the base of your neck see if you can soften one more big breath and start to release the arms exhale roll it down nice and slow if it helps you can come on to the balls of your feet then bring the knees back into the chest and setting up for a little bit of core work let's stack the knees over the hips flex the feet palms to the thighs thighs to the palms so you're pressing and pushing at the same time towards each other so belly button to spine moving towards the floor and if you want a little extra curl chin to chest lift the shoulder blades upward and press right again that moment of unguage and might for the shaking of the limbs building some heat let's go two more press press press lift exhale release bring the knees to the chest a little wiggle right little rock and roll forward and back and we're going to come right up to a seat for forward fold take the legs long take the toes towards the ceiling inhale sit up nice and tall and exhale walk the hands forward hands can be on the floor your shins your feet find what works for you see if you can press the sit bones downward lift the hip bones up draw the outer edges of the feet back towards you whether you're touching them or not and one more big breath exhale fold in a little more good slowly rise up soften the knees we're going to roll on to our backs and find thread the needle flex the right foot take the right ankle over the left knee and from here reach back either grabbing the shin or behind the thigh and again i'd like to kind of wiggle it first to get into this huh feel the right hip draw back towards your left heel draw the left knee thigh in towards the belly chest keep both feet flexed just to maintain a little stability lovely and then let the right leg slide over top for eagle legs we're going to roll on to our left side let your right arm come over top so stack the shoulders and then from here almost like you're drilling an arrow back pull the right arm out and over to open up into your twist just exhale release letting go through the right hip letting go through the right shoulder giving in so gravity can do the work good unwind the legs so stacking right knee on left inhale come back up to center here and then switch sides so left knee bends left foot flexes draw the right thigh in again interlacing either thigh or shin drawing inward so right thigh comes in towards the belly chest both feet flex and as you get in maybe a little wiggle settle in in right just a few breaths here keeping both feet flexed drawing the left hip towards the right heel gently and then lightly taking the left thigh over the right find eagle legs as we dip over to the right side take the left hand in the right and then inhale we're going to peel back again like you're drawing a bow and arrow open up the chin might drape over to the left side and again letting go of the effort here letting gravity do the work okay gently bring the left arm back over untwist the legs inhale come back up to center give a little squeeze a little shift knees to chest and we'll start to make our way into our final pose shavasana one leg at a time let the legs come out long then be at least hip distance apart and let go let the feet display out to the side if it's comfortable allow the palms to face up so the shoulders can soften in if it helps to shift the chin right left to release the neck simply allow your breath to find its natural rhythm um maintaining presence but letting go of any effort so I'm going to take a little deeper inhale full complete exhale a little wiggle of the fingers and the toes gently taking the arms up overhead big stretch and gently rolling onto your right side seeing if you can still keep your focus inward gently pressing up into a comfortable seat again the whole time really keeping eyes soft or closed meet with hands at heart center um thank you for practicing big beautiful blessings see you on the mat soon


Christel B
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Enjoying this Go-To Sequence!  Looking toward all of them with three wonderful instructors.  Great for daily nourishment.
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Yes indeed! This is how i hoped it would be...having done one, there is a familiarity and then there is the twist...a little different in style because of the different teacher.  Really great idea!!Looking forwards to Rosemary’s now....(I hope there are a few of these sequences to come !)
Jenny S
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So this was interesting! Even though I just did the “same” practice yesterday with Alana, it did not feel repetitious at all..a testament to the importance of the little details, or nuances that can paint a brand new experience. I loved both practices equally, yet differently, if that makes sense LOL. Now I’m really intrigued for version 3!
Kate M
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Thank you Brenda, for your interpretation of this sequence! Lovely.
Alana Mitnick
Brenda Lear! I love your creative flair and spunk! So FUN to play in this experiment together. xoA
Elissa P
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nice delicious sequencing for an achey morning body
1 person likes this.
Elissa aren't those warming and opening practices the best in the morning?

Thank you Brenda! It was interesting to have slightly different cues in this go to sequence. It shows that there is always room for exploration and play.
Glenford N
Lovely routines in this challenge.  Enjoyed Brenda's dynamic delivery and snappy pace.  Thanks for another 30 minutes of bliss. Namaste.
Gabriel W
Lovely practice. Thank you.
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