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Arturo welcomes us to Season 1 in which he'll guide us through an exploration of the anatomy, focusing on the shoulders, hips, and booty. He will share self-treatment techniques and guide us in a deep relaxation meditation.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jan 27, 2015
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Hi, welcome. I'm Arturopeal and we'll be doing some exploration of anatomy of the shoulder and of the hip along with some self-treatment things that you can do with ball and also some things that you can do with a friend in terms of releasing stuckness in the shoulder and releasing stuckness in a tight booty. We'll also do a guided deep relaxation which is a wonderful practice for everybody to do in these kind of hectic stressful times. So I hope you enjoy. Thanks.


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YAY and Congratulations on your new videos Arturo! This is so wonderful and brings back to me your training that I attended this past two years! I'm so glad to find you and the many other yoga masters here. Can't wait to view all of these videos! Thank you again for your wonderful teachings!

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