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Season 4 - Episode 5

Core Vinyasa

45 min - Practice


Robert guides us in a core-focused practice to stabilize the spine, build core strength and awareness, and help reduce injury. You will feel grateful.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Love your enthusiasm!  My core will be so happy!  I was delighted when we transitioned into standing poses.
My core is happy if your core is happy Christel !! Maybe I'll do this sequence today, I could use a little of my enthusiasm to get me pumped and energized for my day today :)) Thank you for practicing with us here! 
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Robert Sidoti maybe I'll try this tonight too, my core could use some enthusiasm haha
I liked the core work but my wrists were sore after any options for a mature woman
Hi Lorraine. Glad you enjoyed the core work. I hear you about the wrist discomfort :( 
The only thing I can say here is to do several wrist stretches before and after - OR, stay away from the ones that are bothersome and I'm sure you'll be able to still enjoy the practices. Wrist discomfort is very common in a lot of practitioners, not just you, so don't feel bad :)) 
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Thank you for the strong core infusion to your class!  So important to teach core strength so we have connection awareness  while we move thru our practice to keep our bodies safe. Thank you!
Robert I love all your practices, and have been looking for a good core session that doesn't  hurt my low back.  So thankful I found this, I can do it every other day. Your encouragement  and energy come through and add to the flow .  I LOVE the breathing work at the start, and how you allow time to settle in each movement.  I have no balance so the last postures on one leg aren't attainable, but I substituted leg stretches. Always grateful to find your practices 💮🌾
Hey there Joan :)) Good day to you! I love your sharing here! Happy that the core and breath work felt good for you - sometimes core work can be tricky on the back, glad it wasn't! Sounds like you know how to modify and take care of yourself, maximizing the experience by adding stretching vs balance poses - good job, balancing can be so hard! I appreciate your kind words and am very happy to connect with you here :) Hope your day, weekend, holidays and new year are happy and healthy! All my best, Robert
I really really like the way you sequenced this core flow. It makes sense from one pose to the next. Thank you for sharing  your knowledge and making yoga accessible and fun!!!
Robert this practice is such a favorite of mine, I do it often.  Lately  I noticed when I do the side plank, left the leg and pull it back I get cramps in my hamstrings.  I started to use a block under my hand, and I get a better stretch and no cramps, but am I still getting the work in the core this way?  Grateful for your guidance🌸🌾
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