Keepin' it Real Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 7

Vinyasa to Yin

45 min - Practice


Robert guides us in a practice that combines both Vinyasa flow and Yin. We begin by flowing and building some heat before moving into longer Yin holds to find release and ease.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)

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Oh yeah! That was soooo good and apparently much needed as my body snap crackled and popped through the first half 👍 yet another gem from Robert and Yoga Anytime!
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I love your Yin practices, this was a nice combination of poses and lovely Yin.  As always, your voice is soothing and adds to the relaxation🌾🌸
Snap crackle and pop - moved some stuff around it seems Jenny ! Thanks a bunch for your sharing here!! 
Hello Joan !! I appreciate your generous comment and sharing here!  Have a blessed day,  Robert  (said with the soothing voice you mention) :) 
Thanks Robert! A nice balanced practice with great suggestions.  Love how you keep it real :).

Sooooo grateful for you leading this practice today—yummy and so real! 
very nice yang to yin flow. appreciated the yang pace. thank you, Robert!

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