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Season 2 - Episode 4

Beginner's Ashtanga Practice

35 min - Practice


Dylan guides us through a classic practice of Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations) A and B, standing postures through to Parsvottanasana, backbends, and a modified finishing sequence. You will feel a strong and alive.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Nice to have a shorter sequence option in the Ashtanga style, Dylan. A daily 90 minute practice is out of the reach of a lot of folks! Thank you!
Kate Great that this is of service. I think a mindful and aware 30 minutes can be far greater than 90 minutes only half engaged or adrenaline fueled .. but in reality any practice = useful practice . Keep on the path and keep in touch! D
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Lovely curation of 1st series. Your voice has a wonderfully clear, encouraging quality.
Eric Thanks so much .  I do think that curation is an appropriate term. Really appreciate your engagement, participation and insight. 
Thank you so much, Dylan. I just start with yoga and tour classes are perfect: clear, simple and effective!
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Hi there Dylan,
I hope this finds you safe and well? This whole year I´ve been  just really enjoying exploring loads of the amazing teachings here on yogaanytime but this morning I felt like seeing what had happened to my ashtanga primary series !! Wow - am I glad I chose this little gentle reintroduction - it´s already very hot here and I was sweating by the time I got to  Parshvottanasana - isnt it amazing how the ashtanga series really requires daily practise - I mean I have been "doing my yoga" 6 days as always and feel great but even this short  sequence would have been too much if not for your wonderful soothing encouraging voice and smooth pace - fascinating!
Lovely to practice with you again ....I look forward to exploring some of your other exploratory sequences

brilliant practice. great to fit this all in to 30 mins or so. many thanks.
Michelle dear, thanks for update! Not sure how I missed this some weeks ago. Likely I was off on trails in Kruger Park, teaching rhino and such. But I'm so glad to hear that you're still exploring here. Yes, I definitely think some yoga 6 days a week is better than only strictly following a sequence without feeling integration into your life. Please do keep checking out the tutorials and the shorter practices as they should be of immense service! Keep in touch and blessings! D
Matthew yeah great to hear it! True confession: I often thrive in a short "beginners' practice" instead of pushing through an advanced series. It's all about honouring the moment! 
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Oh Dylan Bernstein  
 I just cant get the image of you teaching rhinos out of my head----i imagine you all knee deep in mud in Padattonnasana ! Im sure that´s not what you meant but hey it makes me smile!
Great to hear you are  enjoying life and even getting in some travel - or perhaps you are based there in South Africa? - keep on keepin on!
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