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Brenda welcomes us to Season 1 and invites us to set our intentions as we move with her through sequences designed to build strength, stamina, and positivity.
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Dec 22, 2014
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Hello, and thank you for joining me. I'm telling you a little bit about the conscious flow series. It's all about intention, setting an intention before our classes. In setting intentions it's about laying the bricks that create our path, and as we create our path, we set forth our journey, and in setting forth our journey, we then start to create our reality. Although sometimes karma and life doesn't always go the way we want it to, we can always readjust and set intentions.

So in this six-part series, we're gonna go through a number of intentions before each class. One, grace and flow, we're gonna really work with strength and ease, working on those balancing efforts. To really find grace in our flow, as well as to be open for grace. And we're going to work on positivity through balance amd figure transitions, so anytime any negativity comes up, we're going to work on nipping that in the bud. So when the mind kind of gets a little jittery, we can cultivate the opposite.

So the practice of prahsi prasta baganam. And then I'm going to work on a little bit for the intention of sweating it slow. So often when we start to go against the grain, and life kind of throws us, learning to reset, come back to something we know, and just start anew. And I'm gonna work on a little bit of heart opening. I'm going to ask you to embrace your five-, six-year-old self, right?

And if you imagine that five-, six-year-old self standing there, chest high, head high, ready to share with the world and ready to receive from the world. So I know about life, when things happen, we start to close in a bit, and I'm going to ask that you peel that back, and be present, and be willing to share. And then we'll do a couple of energy shifters. We're going to ignite a fire, and we're gonna also change our mood system by getting upside down. So I do hope that you will join me in this intention-setting conscious flow.


Andrew S
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Hi Brenda. Lydia Zamorano sent me in your direction. So glad she did. There are a lot of videos and tons of information. Any pointers on how to work through some of it. I'm starting with season one only because it made sense to me. I'm new to all of this so any helpful hints would be great. Thanks so much. Andrew
Brenda Lear
Hi Andrew, Welcome to the YogaAnytime family. (and Lydia is one of my favorite people.) From your note it sounds like the world of yoga is new to you. If so, I would keep flowing with your inspiration and where your curiosity takes you. Don't worry about getting it all at once... as yoga holds many lifetimes of education :) There is a lot of information on this site with incredible teachers who offer classes in the many different facets of yoga. What is it that you have enjoyed so far about the classes? Do you have particular questions about anything that you have seen on the videos? I'm excited to hear about your yoga journey.
Andrew S
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Hi Brenda. I really like the yoga flow videos. I have a couple of things im working on. Consistency is my biggest hurdle. I'm working on committing a flow video to memory so I dont always have to sign on. After consistency, i'd like to start working on poses or just really improving flexibility. My plan is to pick maybe three flow videos and work on them for maybe a month until I can work them smoothly, then choose another three or four and so on. If you could give me any tips on getting to that point where I can move from downward dog with a jump rather than having to step or I can't, properly transition from a plank to bring my knee to my nose and planting my foot close to my hand. Anyhow, thanks so much for responding. You and Lydia are just amazing and inspiring.

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