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Season 1 - Episode 3

Positive Flow

50 min - Practice


A creative and challenging practice to help us cultivate the balance of steadiness and ease. Brenda guides us into the postures of Navasana (Boat Pose), Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand), and Urdhva Danurasana (Wheel) to help tune our skills of grounded lightness. Practice promotes heat, strength, and stamina while inspiring a flow of energy and positivity.
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(waves crashing gently) Welcome back. This flow is called Positive Flow. Positive psychologists of today are finally catching up, and reiterating what yogis from a thousand, thousands of years ago have known is that the power of positive thinking. So when we look at the Yoga Sutra of the tarka bandha Pratipaksha Bhavana, what Patanjali is sharing with us is that when we experience or expose to that which is opposed to the yamas, so a ahimsa, nonviolence, satya, truthfulness, asteya, non-stealing, aparigraha, non-hoarding, and bahmacharya, conservation of vital energy, when we experience those that are in opposite to this, we have the opportunity to cultivate the opposite, Pratipaksha Bhavana. So in this sequence, we're gonna play with some balance and some tricky transitions to start to play with that idea of cultivating the opposite, right?

Because often we get in these balance poses and we're like, oh my gosh, why can't I do this? Or, oh my gosh, I nailed this. Coming to contentment and being okay with what is and then also practicing that play with when we start to have negative thoughts to bring in that positive, like, I am amazing, I am awesome. It doesn't matter if I can balance or not. It's not gonna create that enlightenment piece, but it's just starting to be a tool to get there.

All right, for this session we're gonna start Bhadrasana. Curl the toes under and check and just really draw the pinkie toes under as well. Let your sit bones drape down over the heels and for some, this might be super-intense as is. If it it, you can bring your fingers to the floor or blocks. For those who are comfortable here and can let your weight really sink in, bring right hand in left, thumbs touch.

And then just soften the eyes, tuck the chin just a little bit, engaging Jalandhara bandha. Start to just slow the breath. And if it's part of your practice, bringing in ujjayi pranayama. Stay long through the spine, soft through the shoulders. Exhale at the fingertips, come to the floor, start to straighten through the legs.

Uttanasana, forward fold. So for the first one, just grap opposite elbow with the head goal coming into rag doll. If this is too intense to start, bend the knees and take the feet a little wider. Starting to draw the belly button back to the spine lately. Drawing the inner thighs back, but equally drawing the outer thighs back.

If the legs are straight, starting to lift the knee caps to engage the quadriceps. Exhale, release the hands down. Bend the knees, come back in to vhadrasana. So we're rooting in with our feet. So playing with balance.

What is on the floor is our contact point is what we're gonna be rooting through, so really opening up through the feet to start. Just quieting the eyes. And if you feel like this is translating right through the jaw, starting to bring in jivha bandha, which is a really light touch to the roof of the mouth, behind our two front teeth. So without touching the enamel of your teeth. You find if you create this light touch it is almost impossible to tense you jaw.

Maybe exhaling, letting your weight go a little bit heavier in the feet. So your next exhale, bring your hands to the floor, lean back in to uttanasana, your choice to either take fingertips to the floor, of if you like, one more time you can come into rag doll, maybe shaking out the head a little bit. Sliding the sit bones forward to eventually be over the heels. Just taking three rounds on an inhale, come up half way, spine lengthening, heart blooming, blossoming forward. Then exhale, folding in.

Inhale, lift, lengthen halfway. Exhale, fold. Inhale. Exhale. Rooting through the feet on inhale, rise all the way up.

Take a pause when you rise and this time, lift all the way up on to the balls of your feet, so heels lift. Embracing the wobble, being with what is. If you fall out, just come back in. Exhale, heels to the floor, fold it all the way in, uttanasana. Inhale, come halfway.

Exhale, fold. Root through the feet, rise up, Urdhva Hastasana, inhale, lift on to the balls of the feet. Heels lift. Nice, and again, pause. Exhale, heels down, fold it all the way over one more time just like that.

Inhale halfway. Exhale, fold. Move through the feet, rise up, legs strong, heart lifts, continue to lift heels up. And again, just embracing that shake, embracing the wobble. Good, exhale, heels down, fold it all the way over.

Inhale, come halfway up. First one step, back plank pose. Just take a moment here, give a little press behind the shoulder blades, bring the gaze forward. And then your choice, lowering all the way to the floor option of knees down or straight down. Taking a few little cobras to warm up through the lower back.

Inhale. Heart lifts. Exhale. Inhale, you can either press through the palms or come up on to the fingertips just to give the wrists a little break. Last one, inhale.

Good, exhale, release. Curl the toes under, lifting back up in to plank. Exhale back to downward facing dog. Good, rooting through the feet. Hand shoulder distance apart and an equal spread through the fingers.

So you want a healthy spread but not overextending. Then a spin in the inner upper arms coming forward, outer arms back to scoop out the arm pits, to broaden through the back and to broaden through the chest. On an inhale, take the right leg up, soften through the right hip, keep it even. Exhale, knee to nose, draw it forward. Place the foot down high, crescent lunge, back heel lifts, arms sweep up.

Lift up through the hips, lift up through the heart, and then get deep. On an exhale, take the crown forward, wings back, torso long. Inhale, rise up, strong through the legs. Exhale, halfway. Good, inhale.

Exhale and pause. Good, feel that fire from deep in your left heel all the way through the crown, so it's long, it's strong. Exhale, hands down, step back, plank pose. Chaturanga or the floor. Inhale, upward or low cobra.

Exhale takes you back, downward facing dog. Three breaths here before we move to the next side. Nice, on an inhale, lift the left leg. Your choice, either pointing through the toe or flex the foot, take the left leg up as high as you can and soften the left hip down. Exhale, knee to nose, shift the shoulders forward.

Place the foot down, high crescent lunge. Again, strong all the way from that back heel, lifting up. Left knee over ankle. Exhale, come halfway, torso long. Crown forward, wings back.

Inhale. Good, exhale. Give a little press of the palms towards each other as if there's a brick between them. Inhale, rise up. Exhale, halfway, hold this one.

Again, fire, draw belly button to spine lightly. Heart forward, left hip draws back. Exhale, fingertips down, step it back. Plank to Chaturanga. Inhale, take an extra breath here, finding space, belly button to chest to chin.

Shoulders back over the wrists, exhale back, Downward facing. Three breaths, we're gonna continue to add on in this sequence. So right there was our base, our foundation. On an inhale, taking the right leg up. Exhale, knee to nose one time, so slowly place the foot down, high crescent lunge.

Good, feel again, hips lift, heart lift, shoulders soften. Exhale halfway. Inhale to rise. Good, exhale. Good, inhale.

On this exhale, pause. Feel that rooting through the right foot. Shift forward, it might be 10 steps forward with the back foot, it might be one. Lift up Virabhadrasana C. Flex the left toes, lift the inner thigh of the left leg and bring the heart forward.

I can find that little press of the palms towards each other. Go with control, step back, high crescent. Exhale, hands down, step back. Plank to Chaturanga. Inhale, upward or low cobra.

Exhaling back. Two more breaths. Inhale, left leg comes up. Knee to nose, shift forward and pause. Place the foot down, high crescent lunge.

See if you can bring knee over ankle and then thigh parallel with the floor. Spin the inner upper arms back, outer arms forward. Exhale halfway. Palms press hard, heart lifts. Inhale, rise.

Good, exhale. Inhale. Exhale, this one we hold. Good, root in to the left foot, shift forward, again, maybe one step, maybe 10. Right inner thigh lifts up, right toes face the floor til we find that inner spiral of the lifter leg.

And the heart lifting. Good, soft step back, high crescent. Just gets more fun and interesting as we move on. Exhale, palms down, step back, plank pose. Chaturanga.

In, exhale, good. Three rounds of breath here, each time coming back to your pose, checking in with your alignment, checking in with your breath. Inhale, taking the right leg up. Exhale, knee to nose. Place the foot down, this time, drop the outer edge of the back foot down, sweep the arms up to frame the ear, so strong through the right hip, drawing back.

Left hip, left rib cage drawing forward. Then see if you can seal up outer edge of the back foot. Same motion, exhale, come forward halfway, torso long over the right thigh. Inhale, rise up. Exhale, halfway.

Inhale. Exhale, this one hold. Lift on to the ball of the back foot, root again in to the right foot, shift forward, Warrior III. Flex the foot so you can lift the left inner thigh. And then puff up right in your lower back so we're not dumping in to the kidneys.

Inhale, bring the left knee all the way to the chest. Pause, drawing the knee in. So you have a choice to stay right here, softening left hip down, or hands to hip, or arms up overhead. On an exhale, lengthen the left leg long. Inhale, draw it back in.

Exhale, lengthen, good, inhale, draw it back in. Slowly tip forward, back in to Warrior III. You can go hands to heart or arms to the side. Slowly, slowly, slowly, dipping forward in to a standing split. Fingertips come to the floor.

Torso over the right leg, left leg lift. Let the head go. So for some in this pose, it might be hands on the block, fingertips to the floor. For some, you might start exploring right hand behind or left hand behind. Then as you lift this left leg, see if you can soften the left hip down.

On an exhale, bring the knee in to the nose. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, knee in to the nose. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, knee in to the nose.

From here, walk the fingertips back, bring the heart forward, see if you can bring the left foot all the way through. Press deep into that right foot. So one, you can use the left heel as a kickstand, two, lift it up and draw the core and draw the inner thighs together, three, left thumb down on the pinkie side of the foot, squeeze the inner thigh, or four, left thumb down, draw it back. So here, retracting the shoulders, depressing the shoulder blades lightly. Again, engaging Mula Bandha, lifting up the pelvic floor muscles lightly.

Slowly come down into Navasana. The beautiful thing about that pose if you fall out, you only have like this far to go onto the floor. So in Navasana, grab the back of the thighs, lift the chest, spread through the toes. One option to stay here, two option to take arms long and option legs long. Just holding here, softening here.

So option to stay right here, or we're gonna move with the flow with five breaths on an exhale. Let the body, the legs and the chest come down halfway, maybe to hover. So imagine energy out your feet, out your hands, out your crown, inhale to come back up. Good, exhale halfway. Inhale to come back up, going slow so the momentum doesn't do the work for us.

Exhale. Inhale, right, this is the seat of our fire, where transformation happens. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Good, hold right here, take three breaths. Spread through the toes. Two more. Last one. Good, exhale, come all the way down.

Bring the feet about two or three inches from the bum. And on the inhale, lift the pubic bone, lift the heart center and start to interlace the hands underneath. If the interlace is not available, simply take palms up. From here, work the shoulder girdle on to the floor. So keep the little space at the back of the neck between the neck and the floor so we're keeping that natural curve.

Chin slightly away from the chest. Two more breaths. On your next inhale, lift on to the balls of the feet. Take the arms up overhead, slowly lower down one vertebrae at a time. When you arrive, bring the knees in to the chest.

So from here, if it feels okay to rock on your spine, go for it. If not, you're gonna roll to the side to press up to come in to a forward fold. For those who it feels okay to rock on the spine, you're gonna take two rocks with the toes touching. The next two, see if you can pause in a little squat, just catch a little air time. Second, pause, and then the last one, coming all the way up in to a forward fold.

When you arrive, inhale, lengthen, exhale, fold. So I don't get caught up if the feet are together or gapped, it's up to you. But I ask that you take the outer edges of your feet and parallel them with the outer edges of your mat. Hold here, opposite elbows, and let the head go. Legs strong and engaged to protect the insertion of the hamstrings.

And on an exhale, release the hands. Your choice in transition. You can either step back, or slowly press through the hands, lift and jump back, Chaturanga. Inhale upward, exhale back downward. When you arrive on an inhale, take the left leg up.

Exhale, knee to nose. Place the foot down Warrior I, outer edge of the back foot presses down, arms sweep up. As you arrive, draw the left hip back, right hip, right ribs come forward. On an exhale, come halfway, wings back, crown forward. Inhale.

Exhale halfway. Inhale. Good, exhale, just one pause. Come on the ball of the back foot, shift it forward right in to Warrior III. Right inner thigh lifts, right outer thigh draws down.

Find that lift to the back of the kidneys, belly button in. Then on inhale draw the right knee all the way to the chest. Knee draws in, good. So option to stay right here, or taking the arms up. So find a one point of gaze a drishti.

Slightly out in front. Exhale, lengthen through the right leg. Inhale, draw it back. Good, exhale. Inhale.

From here, transition right back to Warrior III. You can go hands at heart or arms behind. And then so slowly, transitioning down into your standing split, maybe catching a little air time on the way. Fingertips down. Left hand comes behind.

So again, your choices. Fingertips, hands or even to a block. You can go left hand behind, right leg up. Then start to draw the right hip down. So even if you can crank the hips open to stack, draw it down.

Torso starts to reach over the left thigh. Forehead reaches towards the shin. Bring the fingertips back to the floor. Exhale, knee to nose, round tuck. Inhale, back.

Exhale, knee in. Inhale. Last one, draw it in. Take the foot all the way through. So as you walk the fingertips back, draw the knee in, sweep it all the way.

(sighs) So your choice. One, kickstand. Two, lift up. Three, thumb down, pinkie side of foot and then draw the shoulders back. Squeeze the inner thighs toward each other, or, four, thumb down, big toes side.

Heart drawing forward. Again, the beautiful thing is here, if I fall out, you don't have far to go either. Exhale, back into Navasana. Grab the back of the thigh. So imagine low back lifting, shoulder blades supporting, are like a little shelf to the heart.

Option, knees bent or legs long. Option to stay here, or exhale, come halfway. Tailbone draws down lightly. Inhale to rise. Exhale.

Take a pause. Inhale. Three more. Exhale. Inhale.

Exhale. Reach through the toes. Inhale. Last one and hold. Reach through the feet, soften through the arms.

Exhale, release. Feet come in hip distance apart. Two or three inches from the bum, and when you're ready, right into bridge pose. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. Flip the palms up.

Root through the feet, lift the pubic bone and start to inch the shoulders underneath. If available, take the fists together, press the triceps down. Use that against the floor to rise the chest. Paying particular attention in this pose not to turn the head right or left. Just keeping it straight ahead.

Two more breaths. Press through the feet, lift the public bone, spread wide through the chest. On an inhale, lift the balls of the feet, take the arms up overhead and slowly roll it down one vertebrae at a time. Now the fun part, knees come in. So again, if it does not feel okay to roll on the spine, just roll to the side and press up.

If it feels okay, two regular, two to pause. And then one to come up. Maybe you can catch a little bit of air time and a little squat. You can either have feet together or feet wide. And then last one, roll it all the way up.

Forward fold, this time bend the knees. Take the right arm behind the left. So I'll spin so you can see this. Right arm comes behind the right and then reaches to the left. Left arm comes behind, reaches for the right.

And as you start to exhale, start to straighten the legs. So even here, the shoulders are drawing away from the ears. Still engaging belly button to spine. Releasing the hands. Deciding your transition on an inhale, lengthen.

Exhale, place the palms, stepping or hopping back. Chaturanga. Or a plank. Inhale, upward or low cobra. Exhaling back downward facing.

Three breaths here. On an inhale, take the right leg up. Exhale, knee to nose, draw it in. Place the foot down, Warrior I. Arms sweep up.

Exhale, come halfway. Wings back, crown forward and pause. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale.

On this exhale, interlace the hands, and fold all the way over. Humble warrior. So notice here, your right hip wants to drift way out and the right thigh wants to drift out. See if you can seal it in. Right on back.

Staying here long, inhale, come halfway up. Option of keeping this interlaced or hands come apart. Come on the ball of the back foot. Shift right into standing, left knee to chest. So still drawing that left sit bone down.

Exhale, extend the left leg. Inhale, draw it in. Exhale, lengthen. And draw it back in. So we shift into Warrior III, option of keeping the bind.

Then release the bind. So from here again, moving so slowly into standing split. You might wanna take the hands forward, play with that little tipping teapot and maybe catch a little hover. Fingertips to the floor. Let's scoot back.

So choose here again, you can hang out here in a softer standing split. You can come here into bringing the torso over, right hand down. Or for some who like to get upside down, you can bring the hands down, start to lift up through the left leg, and maybe catch a little air time. When you had enough, come and down nice and slow. Good, exhale, knee to nose, draw it in.

Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, knee to nose. Inhale. Exhale, knee to nose, draw it in, walk the hands back, walk it through. So right, if you're frustrated that you can't get through, check in, right.

It's okay. Cultivate the opposite. You're still amazing. Leg comes through, or sit to the side. You can swoop it around.

One, heel down, or lift. Three, thumb down, pinkie side. Or four, start to blossom bloom the heart forward. Yes, squeeze the thighs and root through that standing foot. Soften down right into Navasana.

Pause. So always start here. Hands at the back to lift. Low back, upper back. Good, option to stay here.

Or lengthen. Option to stay right here, or come all the way down. Draw the tailbone, lengthen through the crown, lengthen through the toes. Good, inhale, come back up. Exhale.

Good, inhale. Exhale. Three more, nice and slow. Inhale. Exhale.

In. Last one and pause. Hold this one. We only have one more side to go after this. Think of that.

Exhale, release, feet down. When you're ready, come into either Setu Bandha bridge pose, or if you're feeling like, "I wanna get in a little bit more," bring the fingertips underneath the shoulders. Root through the feet and coming up into full Urdva Dhanurasana. So there's two ways to come up. You can swoop up in one full swoop, or inhale, come up to the crown.

Readjust your arms. So like Chaturanga arms, drawing in, and then press to rise. So an equal press up through the legs and through the chest. Letting the head go. Two more breaths.

And exhale. If you're all the way up, tuck the chin in, so as you lower, the back touches before the head. Roll it all the way down. Knees in. Taking those five rolls.

Two just to play, two to pause, and the last one to come all the way up. We're just getting a nice massage on the back. Maybe, have fun with it, maybe you can catch a little air time. Then the last one, coming all the way up. Forward fold.

Taking this time, the left arm around the outside, to come around to the right. Right arm comes over the top. So opposite of what we did last time. Bend the knees, and as you start to straighten, draw the chest in. Begin drawing in the belly button lightly.

Drawing shoulders away from the ears. Bring your attention back to your feet. See if you can draw the inner ankles up. And the outer ankles in a little bit, just to keep the arches active and lifted. I'll just play with balance and transition.

It's really rooting through the feet and feeling our ground. Exhale, release the hands. Last transition, your choice. Inhale, come halfway up. Place the palms, either stepping or hopping back.

Good. Pausing in either place. Inhale. Good, exhaling back. Three breaths.

Slight inhale, taking the right leg. Sorry, taking the left leg up. So that big lift is softening the left hip down. Exhale, knee to nose one time. Place the foot down, Warrior I, arms sweep up, left hip draws back.

Good, exhale, come halfway. Feel left hip draw back. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale.

Exhale, this time, interlace. Draw the chest forward and slowly bring the left shoulder inside the left thigh. Let the head go. Maybe a little micro bend through the elbows. And slowly come halfway up.

Lift on the ball of the back foot, scoop forward, Warrior III. Good, right inner thigh lift. Maybe keep the interlace of the hands. Bring the right knee to chest. Good, exhale, right leg lengthens.

Inhale, bring it back. Exhale. Inhale, bring it back. From here, release the interlace. Slowly come forward back into Warrior III.

So maybe if it's okay with the low back, any mischief in the low back, bring the hands to the heart. And then playing with just tipping. Maybe, maybe, maybe catching a little hover before the hands touch. Good, fingertips to the floor, and step back a little bit. Coming into your standing split.

So remember you can stay with where we first started, a soft standing split here. You can walk the hands back. You can take the left hand around the achilles to draw in, or for my friends who like to get upside down, palms down. And just start reaching through he right leg, and then, maybe tipping over the hands. Finding one pointed focus.

And then slowly coming out the same pace you came in. Take another breath. Exhale, right knee to nose, draw it in. Inhale, push it back. Good, exhale, knee in.

Inhale. Exhale, knee in, walk the hands back. Start to scoot the foot all the way though. Squeeze the inner thigh, so one heel down. Heel up.

Three, reach for the pinkie side of foot thumb down, and then draw the heart forward. Squeeze the inner thighs, and then thumb down big toe side. Ah. Exhale, release. Lifting up into boat post Navasana.

So again, starting hands at the back of the thighs, chest lifting. Imagine hands at your low back and right behind your shoulder blades. Lifting up. Option legs long, arms long. Good.

Option to stay here, exhale, come halfway down. For this last round I'm gonna add a little bit of flavor. Take the legs out, take the arms out. Little snow angels we're dreaming of in California. Bring the legs, arms back together.

Inhale, come up. Good. Exhale, down. Open. Close.

Back up. Good, exhale, nice and slow. Taking those pauses. Together, back up. Last one.

Open. Close. Back up. And then slowly come down and pause. Take three breaths here.

So belly button to spine, embracing that shake, the (mumbles) for the shaking of the limbs. Exhale, release. I don't think anybody's legs or arms have ever fallen off in yoga, so it's okay to shake a bit. Coming into our final two back bends, so you choose, staying with bridge pose or moving again into full wheel. If you'd like full wheel, bring fingertips behind the shoulders, pressing up either one swoop or onto the crown of the head.

Then take a pause here. You can inch the hands back or inch the feet forward if you want a little bit more. Another option, since we did so much in the hamstrings, we can take the left foot in a little bit, towards your right, towards the center. Then inhale, bring the right knee into the chest. Taking the right leg up, see if you can bring the right hip back, like right sit bone towards the left heel.

Then we chin up. Good, exhale, knee in. And slowly, right foot meets left. Take an extra breath here. And chin in, slowly roll it down.

Just let the knees rest on each other before we go up for one more. Then not waiting too long, because the longer we wait, the harder it gets. Fingertips back under the shoulders. When you're ready, root through the feet, lift the pubic bone, lift the heart. And then you can choose to walk in a little bit.

Root that right foot in a little bit more towards center. And then the option, knee in. So as you draw the knee in, shift the left sit bone towards the right knee, then take the left foot up. Good, knee back in. Left foot meets right.

Take an extra breath here. Then chin in, slowly lowering all the way down. Go ahead and bring the bottoms of your feet together. Just let the knees flay out wide. And then choice of either taking palms up or you can just take the palms to the thighs and just rest them, allow them to be a little extra weight.

And we'll just be right here for a few moments. Just letting the lower back release. Just letting gravity do its magic. Nothing to do here. No work to be done.

Nice and slowly taking the palms to the back of the thighs. Draw the knees in, and then just rolling up to a seat, sliding back, taking left foot into right. And then we're gonna start to spin the torso over the right leg. And instead of bringing the arms up, keep the fingertips behind you to start. Spin the chest towards the right toes, and then start to slowly walk yourself forward.

If at anytime you feel you start to round, or lower back rounds, stay here. Work here, work that right leg pressing down. Or for some, it might be available to start walking yourself forward, chest forward. Good, and still keep the eyes, stay light, and the toes in front of you. The heart reaching to the foot in front of you.

So the choice of hands to the floor. For some, you might like to grab the foot and draw it back lightly. And feeling free to just close the eyes, turning your attention inward. Lengthen out through the back of your neck. And inhale, slowly rising up.

Changing sides, left leg comes out long. Right foot comes inside the left thigh. Just give it a little press. And then again, sitting up nice and tall. Spin the torso over the left thigh.

Start with fingertips back, lift up from the hip bones and again, if you start to feel as you go forward, this rounding, stay right here. And then if you can, start to walk it forward. So remember there's a twist here, so I need to get my left ribs over and walk forward. Eyes lightly towards the toes in front of you. Heart blooming, blossoming towards your foot in front of you.

And then, choice of taking the hand drawing the outer edge of the foot back. Size of the neck long. So even if you can start to tuck the chin a little bit getting the forehead down to the shin, still the heart drawing forward. Softening the shoulders. And two more breaths.

Inhale, walking the hands up. Take both legs long. Pashimottanasana, again, starting the same way. Fingertips behind you, lift up. Then slowly start to peel yourself forward again.

If you feel a round, pull back, and start to come forward. Again, not trying to get anywhere. Just if you can reach your feet, it doesn't matter. You can use the floor, you can use the shins. You can reach for the feet.

See if you can draw the outer edges of the feet back. And again, still drawing the heart forward. And maybe just turning the neck right and left, just to lengthen, to loosen, be sure we're not containing too much tension there. Another inhale, slowly rising up. Bending the knees, coming all the way onto your back.

Slowly lowering down. And then just to finish with the final two poses here, take the left ankle above the right knee. And just draw in for a supine pigeon pose. So either grabbing behind the right thigh, drawing in, or grabbing the right shin and drawing in. Just taking five breaths here on each side.

When you're ready, lengthening both legs long. And bend the knees. Bring the right over the left. And then drawing in either behind the left hamstring, or grabbing below the left knee to draw in. That right thigh's pressing back lightly.

And again, just five breaths. After your fifth breath, slowly unwind. Bring both legs long, coming into our final pose Shavasana. So starting, palms facing up, heart wide open. And just softening the eyes.

Closing them down. Allowing the breath to find its natural rhythm. And before really dropping into Shavasana, taking a moment just to reflect. Reflect on the practice, on the balance, on the tricky transition in the state of the mind, and coming back to the opportunity that we always have to bring in Pratipaksha Bhavana. To cultivate the opposite.

Life offers us lots of opportunities to practice. So from simple practices on our mat to out in life, we can start to control our reality by simply cultivating the opposite. Bringing in the positive. With each exhale getting a little heavier. Slowly taking a little deeper inhale.

Full complete exhale. And just always still feeling your body heavy, supported by the earth. Beginning to wiggle the fingers, the toes. Then taking the arms up overhead. Slowly rolling to the right as you start to press yourself up into a comfortable seat.

Just take a moment seated, bowing the chin slightly. Taking a moment to be gratitude, to have gratitude for your practice, for your time on your mat. Thank you all very much for joining me today. Hope to see you again soon. Namaste.


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Wonderful! Thank you
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Wonderful flow! I feel full of positive energy for the day ahead! Thank you.
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Challenging and funny for me! I learned something new (witch I can not describe in english Namaste from Sweden.
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Very strength building! Thanks!
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this was AWESOME and will be in my rotation!!!
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Awesome Linda - don't you love it when you find a new favorite? :) Keep us all in the loop as you uncover more! xo AMO
Catherine R
Fun, fun, fun!!!!! And, for whatever reason, today I was FINALLY able to push up into wheel!!!!
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Go Catherine!
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love my body full energy
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Great reminders that we can change the negative into its opposite.  Wonderful flow.
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