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Yoga and the Somatic Experience Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Week 1: Earth Body

60 min - Practice


In Week 1, Suniti invites us into dialogue with our body and the way in which it is connected to the earth. Through a variety of shapes, we tune inward to the subtle realm while moving through fluid and grounding postures. For homework, we are invited to journal on the sensations that arise when tuning into the heart space and to consider the question: Where is the earth in this place?

See attached .PDF for the homework this week.

What You'll Need: Mat


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This was deeply grounding...throughout the practice I felt almost “glued” to the earth beneath me. I also experienced an almost mysterious sense of longing that I just can’t place...perhaps the homework and journaling will help me find the answer... I just love this deep diving into the somatic realm 🙏🏻
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Love that expansiveness coming from being rooted then feeling the whole earth beneath us.  (“I feel the earth under my skin.....”. Carol King sang through my mind.)
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Beautiful, intense work. Finding our place...standing...rooting... it really transforms asana practice.
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@Jenny, glued to the earth! Sounds like you are being held. I agree, that mysterious longing sounds like a good entry for journaling. Where do you feel that longing in your body? 
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Christel wonderful to find expansiveness that comes from the ground. Thank you for your share. 
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Kate wonderful! I look forward to hearing more about what transforms for you. 
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missing your voice! thanks suniti from portugal this beautifull place in the earth this practice was so feminine so grounding and love.
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I really enjoyed this class and increasing my awareness of how I am moving, especially through the feet as I transition through poses. Thank you.
What a neat and different practice!! I felt taller by the end, and more ethereal. Thank you!
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Rita Hello! So happy to see you here. 
Love your comment ❤️
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