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Yoga and the Somatic Experience Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Week 2: Water Body

60 min - Practice


Feel into the water of your body. In Week 2, we move through a flow practice to invoke the quality of water. We find freedom in the shapes so that they are alive, living, breathing, and fluid. We are invited to journal about a sweet memory of being in water. Our homework and journaling prompt can be found on the attached .PDF.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


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Such a deep, beautiful practice. These sequences are profound lead movement meditations. Diving into the depths...
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I agree with everything Kate said...and feeling fluid, blissed out and peaceful in my skin...thank you 🌊
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Kate so beautiful! Thank you for your share. 
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Jenny I love that you are feeling peaceful in your skin! Thank you for your share. 
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So good to have new videos of your classes up! Next best thing to in person. It's wonderful to get your philosophy and cues again.
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So glad to hear you're enjoying Suniti's new course, Matthew

Warmly, Ashley from Yoga Anytime
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Oh Matthew! So good to see you here. You’re in Spain! Wow! We miss you at people’s. ❤️ 
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Such a blissful and cleansing practice. Exploring the is-ness of our watery, flowing essence.
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Kate a beautiful reflection! 
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Really enjoyed this. Thank you for the imagery and impulses to pay attention in a different way.
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