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Yoga and the Somatic Experience Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Week 2: Water Body

60 min - Practice


Feel into the water of your body. In Week 2, we move through a flow practice to invoke the quality of water. We find freedom in the shapes so that they are alive, living, breathing, and fluid. We are invited to journal about a sweet memory of being in water. Our homework and journaling prompt can be found on the attached .PDF.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


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Such a deep, beautiful practice. These sequences are profound lead movement meditations. Diving into the depths...
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I agree with everything Kate said...and feeling fluid, blissed out and peaceful in my skin...thank you 🌊
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Kate so beautiful! Thank you for your share. 
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Jenny I love that you are feeling peaceful in your skin! Thank you for your share. 
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So good to have new videos of your classes up! Next best thing to in person. It's wonderful to get your philosophy and cues again.
So glad to hear you're enjoying Suniti's new course, Matthew

Warmly, Ashley from Yoga Anytime
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Oh Matthew! So good to see you here. You’re in Spain! Wow! We miss you at people’s. ❤️ 

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