Gentle Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Breathe Easy

30 min - Practice


With a focus on spinal extension, side body opening, and releasing the hips and hamstrings, Alana guides us in a gentle floor practice designed to help us breathe easy.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block

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Lovely Alana as always 🌸🌼🌺
Jenny! So happy to be breathing easy together. Love, Alana 
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Alana- thank you for a peaceful antidote to a work day that included one of my patients making her decision to forego aggressive cancer care and move toward her end of life.
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These gentle practices are just perfect for the evening, getting ready to move toward the release of sleep... LOVE.
Suzanne- thank you for sharing... it's moments like this that put everything else into perspective. I'm so glad you found peace with this practice and are taking time for self care. Love, Alana 
Beautiful, Kate. I hope you slept well. LOVE xoA
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Alana, I love and still do your Yin series.  I was so happy to see a new, gentle practice from you.  I love the slow, thoughtful entry into each pose while being so conscious of breath.  So grateful for your gentle, peaceful session, looking forward to more💮🌾
Joan, Lovely to hear from you! So glad you're getting the most out of the Yin series. These Gentle Yoga practices reflect so much of what I practice and teach at the moment. So happy you're enjoying the inner ease and peace that comes with moving slowly. Love, Alana 
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Thanks  Alan. A beautiful way to relax and release after  a long  drive  home.  Namaste. I
Glenford, So glad you enjoyed the practice and found relief. Namaste, Alana 
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