Gentle Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Gentle Strength

25 min - Practice


Alana guides us in a sweet and simple practice with a focus on external hip rotation and side bending in preparation for triangle pose. You will feel nourished and spacious.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)

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Dec 26, 2019
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So sweet and nurturing...lovely for post-holiday grounding...and the ending was perfection ✨✨✨
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What a lovely class! So grateful! Thank you, Alana!
Jenny, So delighted to see you here! Lovely to practice together... so sweetly and gently. Wishing you a bright and wonderful new year! Love, Alana 
Hi Jennifer! So happy your enjoyed this yoga practice. Please keep me posted as we move through the season. Happy new year and much love. xoA 
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Thank you so much for this beautiful class. I am excited for the next one! Suzanne
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very pleasant - and effective. many thanks.
Hi swdbsn! So delighted to hear from you! Love your profile picture. Please keep me posted along the way with any questions or insights. Wishing you a glorious new year! Warmly, Alana 
Hi Matthew, Great news! Pleasant and effective is the goal. Enjoy the practices and stay close. xoA
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Thanks for a great mindful practice Alana! Happy New Year
Hi Leah! Thanks for leaving a comment. So delighted to be practicing together as we transition into a new year! Enjoy and stay close. Love, Alana 
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