60-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Full Body Tune-Up

60 min - Practice


Wade guides us in a full body tune-up practice. We connect with both the upper and lower body as we move through this fluid and dynamic flow sequence. You will feel an overall sense of release and energy.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)


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WOW this was so much fun! A whole hour filled with creative yoga goodness, lots of surprise moves that were playful and also felt so very nice. I kept thinking “I feel like a little kid again!” Your cuing was easy going yet spot on, enabling me do go into some poses I didn’t think were there for me anymore. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to lighten and brighten their day 👏👏👏
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What a great way to start the new year!
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Hi Jenny ..Happy New Year! What a wonderful message to start the year off with! Thank you for sharing your positive energy and yoga journey!!
Thank you for offering us an always-innovative class Wade - and the biggest bonus is the length of the class! What a treat! Looking forward to more hour-long classes with you Wade!
Had a long day of airplane travel yesterday and this practice was a great “re-set” to get all the kinks out and to get back into a good mind-space. Thank you!
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Hi Christel thanks for starting the new year off with me and the Yoga Anytime crew!!

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Great to hear from you Mary Jane ! Really happy you liking the longer sessions and are getting more time to spend on your practice win win!! thanks for joining me!!
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HI Catherine I'm so glad you are 'feeling' this... the flights really knock it out of me too and yoga is always a great reset..they need more room in the back of the plane so you stretch it out a little!!!

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Hi Wade
Just what I needed today! I feel deliciously  "stretched out" now with a true sense of self. I did struggle with the Bakasana / Crow (but it is my nemesis ! - LOL).
Lovely relaxed style and cueing just when needed.
Im going to try your other videos now - thanks so much.
Fab practice
Lou xx
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HI LOUISE Thanks so much for sharing w/ me and the forum! I think Crow pose is a nemesis for a lot of people. Hope some of the variations help you feel like stretching your wings with more confidence... Have a great weekend!
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