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60-Minute Yoga Flows

Season 1

Wade Gotwals


Erika M
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Thank you so much for this amazing class! Grettings from México! 🙏🏻
Randee B
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Wade is the greatest...And his likeness to Rob Lowe ain't so bad either! randee
Simone B
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Fantastic practise. Many thanks Wade. I especially loved the last stretch is reclined pigeon

Devi N
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I enjoyed all the sessions, your calm voice guiding and pushing me to find and reach further in my practice. I will be coming back to this season for sure. As it’s more than just a practice. Thank you Wade. 
Hi Erika M Thank you so much, sorry for the late response, I missed this whole thread from the forum...big hugs to you in Mexico!
Hi Randee B you are being too kind or Yoga Anytime is using a really good filter!! 
HI Simone B so glad you resonated with this series and yes to recline pigeon- no pressure on the joints and hip releasing paradise!
Great to hear from you Devi N, thank you, Im so happy this series is one that keeps your yoga practice joyful and alive!

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