60-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Cleansing Flow

60 min - Practice


Ring it all out. We jump right into this cleansing flow practice exploring standing postures, twists, core work, and arm balances. You will feel challenged and alive.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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What a creative, nicely balanced. flow.  Thank you Wade.
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Hi Christel so glad you connected with it! Great hearing from you!
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So thankful for these longer classes.  The longer exploration of asymmetry allowed me to discover body blind spots.  Now that I’m aware, I can release.  Aah!  Grateful.
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Phuong this is a great discovery! I agree with the longer practices and so glad YA gave us the option to do it...you really have time to learn more about yourself! win win!
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Great sequencing. Love the approach to Koundinyasana! Thank you for permission to keep the back foot down!   : )
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Hi Kate, so great hearing from you! I'm glad you had success with Koundinyasana- that posture is a really interesting shift of energy and weight, so glad it came through online!
Living from the heart space. Allowing the light. Light sitting within light sitting within light ---
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Kate all layers of light!!
I really loved this practice Wade! It was perfectly balanced and started my weekend out right. Thank you, namaste.
So Great to hear from you Adrienne hope the rest of your weekend was brilliant!!
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