60-Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Hips and Glutes

60 min - Practice


Wade guides us in a fluid practice that focuses on the front and back of the hips. We play with inversions and arm balances along the way. Your mind and body will feel clear.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)

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Feb 03, 2020
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You finally solved, Jenny's "Curious Case of the Missing Headstand..." Episode 5. Bravo! Not sure, if I love or loathe lifting my hips in Square Pose, so it must be doing me good. Great class, thanks.   
Oh Juliet this is great to know and thanks, we need to give Jenny a heads up!! That lift is definitely a different way of accessing the muscles!!
Thanks for another unique class getting those hips well tuned.
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@Christel happy hips make you want to dance!! 
This sequence makes me marvel at the symmetry of the body.  Opening the hips allowed for a beautiful melting of my trapezius and neck muscles.  Much relieved, thank you Lil Wade!
Phuong love the insight! tight muscles in the hips (front or back) have an effect on the pelvis n spine - so cool how you are experiencing its connection!!
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Loved the closing words: share and stay connected. Good advice at any time, and especially in these strange times : ) Great sequence! Thanks, Wade : )
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beautiful class as always!! thank you for keeping me sane and flexy during quarantine  
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Kathryn that picture is the best! So glad you got to join a session!
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Kate you sharing your positive energy during this time is a win win for everyone in the forum, thank u!
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