60 Minute Yoga Flows Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 2

Steady Foundation Flow

60 min - Practice


Tune into the support beneath you. Sarah guides us in a grounding, low flow practice to call in earth energy and establish stable foundation. We move through Moon Salutations and standing and balancing poses to create stability and strength. You will feel held, supported, and strong.
What You'll Need: Mat


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So glad to see you back with a new season Sarah! Let me just say I LOVED this class....it has that “old-school” vibe to it, unrushed and hitting all the notes. The nice long, and (again) unrushed savasana was the perfect way to cap this off. I’m looking so forward to the rest of the season 🌞
Hi Jenny - So sweet to hear and I love that we are practicing together this season. Please stay close and let me know how the other classes are for you. Sending warmth and love!
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A 60 minute practice container allows for such a lovely unrushed practice! This was a really nice sequence of familiar asana which allowed me to enter more deeply into the shapes. Your guidance was so lovely - kind, generous, and creative : ) Thank you Sarah!
You are so welcome, Kate! It's always such a pleasure to practice with you and hear your thoughts on your practice. Happy to hear that the 60 minute class allowed you to sink in a little deeper. Warmly, Sarah
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Thank you for another wonderful class. I noticed I was able to bend deeper in the standing forward bends midway through the class. I felt an incredible stretch in the reclining spinal twist. Wow!
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This was such a treat. I have loved your shorter flows, and was so pleased to see a season of longer classes. Your sequencing is so interesting and creative; it really energises me. Thank you.
Amazing, Diane! So happy to hear and thanks so much for sharing your experience. Stay close. Warmly, Sarah
Ali - So nice to hear and thank you so much for letting me know how this practice was for you. It's nice to sink into a longer practice sometimes, isn't it? Wishing you a beautiful Sunday! 
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Thank you Sarah!  I'm so glad to do some longer practices with you!
You're so welcome, Beth! So happy to be practicing together with these longer sequences as well. Let me know how the rest of the season is for you. Warmly, Sarah
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