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60-Minute Yoga Flows

Season 2

Sarah Beston

This season we move mindfully through well-rounded and dynamic Vinyasa practices. We link breath to movement while building strength, stability, and flexibility in the body, mind, and heart. You will feel a fresh sense of ease in the body and more loving presence in your day.


Patricia D
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These are absolutely perfect classes for an experienced yogi but new to vinyasa. Sarah your sequencing and pace are delicious. Best of all very clear and concise instruction makes it easy to stay  focused for the practice. Love and respect to  you for this fun creative series. Trish
Sarah Beston
Dear Patricia, thank you so much for the lovely comment and for practicing with me here on Yoga Anytime! I am glad these practices are meeting you where you are and I look forward to continuing to practice together. I'm teaching a Live class on Yoga Anytime this Friday at 10:30 a.m. PDT (California time) if you'd like to join!
Julie S
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So grateful to have found you for sheltering in place yoga!  It has been a fantastic!  I am trying to find season 1 now.  
Paulette B
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Hi Sarah, I love your classes, the instructions are clear and the pace is perfect!
And they are doable for a reasonably experienced practitioner that is older and not extremely flexible person. 
Leesa N
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once again a beautiful practice. we are going to do the water again!
Sarah Beston
Hi Julie! I am sorry I missed your note a few months back. How is your practice going? So happy to be practicing together here. Blessings, Sarah 
Sarah Beston
Dear Paulette, I'm sorry I missed your comment from a few months back. I am so happy to hear and to be practicing with you here on Yoga Anytime. Stay close and let me know how your practice has been lately. Warmly, Sarah 
Sarah Beston
So happy to hear, Leesa! The element of water is certainly one of my favorites and something that I keep coming back to in my own practice. Wishing you a beautiful week, Sarah
Patricia L
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Started to work as a massage therapist again.  Now I really need my Sunday yoga class and can probably benefit for short classes during the week..  I recommend Yogaanytime to my clients for upkeep and maintenance.  I write down the website and hope they tune in and get as much benefit as I do.  Thanks for the lessons.
Sarah Beston
That's really wonderful to hear, Patricia L! Congratulations on beginning work as a massage therapist again. Also, thank you for recommending us to you clients! Warmly, Sarah

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