Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 6

Go-to Sequence 2 v.5

30 min - Practice


Listen inward. Alana guides us in a variation of our go-to sequence with an emphasis on finding freedom and ease in the hamstrings, shoulders, spine, and hips while energizing and strengthening the whole body. You will feel refreshed.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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I am awake! I needed this practice this morning. Ready to go on with my day. Namaste :)
Haha.. happy to hear, Janeissy! The pacing is brisk and designed to get the blood flowing. So glad you got your practice in... now your available for whatever unfolds. Take good care. Namaste, Alana 
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Monday ray of sunshine 🌞
Your comment brought a smile to my face, Jenny. Thank you! xoA
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Very nice! This gave me no time for my mind to do it’s dreaded wandering. Just focused on my breathing and postures. Ended feeling far happier then when I went in. Question: how do you do this and TALK at the same time?! 😂
June, haha... barely! It takes some practice and conditioning. Focusing on the breath is pretty much the solution to everything these days. I am so happy to hear that it resulted in feeling happier. That's what matters the most. Sending love and hugs. xoA
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So comforting to do this familiar routine first thing in the morning when the WiFi reception is strong and the video doesn’t stop every few minutes.  Great balance of poses to strengthen and get the blood flowing.
Christel, Wonderful to hear from you! So glad you got your practice in early with a strong clear connection... what a difference a day makes. Love, Alana 
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Nice relaxed vibe. Thank you

Gabriel, So glad you enjoyed the practice! Way to get in your yoga practice. Take good care, Alana 
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