Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 10

Go-to Sequence 2 v.9

30 min - Practice


Connect to your body from the inside out. Linda guides us through a smooth and steady go-to sequence to build strength, find release, and enhance vitality and balance in both the body and mind. You will feel a sweet letting go.
What You'll Need: Mat

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I loved the slow, almost leisurely pace in this version. I’m feeling very relaxed and focused now. Thank you beautiful souls for this much-needed Go-to series 🙏🏻🌎❤️
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Beautiful sequence at just the right pace allowed me to really connect my breathing and mind for a wonderful practice. Thank you!
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wonderful class thank you!
really nice.  one of my favorites.  It kept moving, but serene. super good  
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Nice and beautiful 
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my first class with YA!  Really beautiful and exactly what i wanted this morning!  So flowing and calming
Jenny Thank you for sharing your feedback on the class and the series here!  It's wonderful to share and practice yoga together with you here.  Be well!  ~Linda
Emily Thank YOU for sharing your feedback!  So glad you enjoyed. :) 
susannah What a lovely response to the class. Thank you for connecting here in the forum... Sending you all the best! ~ Linda
Annie Yay... so glad you enjoyed the practice. :) Namaste!
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