Your 30-Minute Go-to Yoga Sequence Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 10

Go-to Sequence 2 v.9

30 min - Practice


Connect to your body from the inside out. Linda guides us through a smooth and steady go-to sequence to build strength, find release, and enhance vitality and balance in both the body and mind. You will feel a sweet letting go.
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Welcome to your practice. Let's get started at the front of the mat. Bring your feet together, hands in prayer at your heart. Close your eyes. Take a nice, long, smooth inhale through your nose. Nice, long exhale through your nose. Do it again. Deep, slow breath in. Long breath out. Reach your arms all the way up as you inhale. Interlace your palms. Press your hands up to the sky. Take a nice, long inhale to get longer. As you exhale, lean over to the right. As you inhale, come back up. As you exhale, lean over to the left. As you inhale, come back up. As you exhale, take the hands back and interlace your fingers. Inhale, lift the heart. Exhale, hinge at your hips. Maybe bend the knees and fold forward. Take a couple breaths here. Let your head hang. Relax your neck and your jaw. Release the arms. Bend your knees. Slowly ragdoll your body all the way up to stand. Bring your hands back to prayer at the heart. Draw the shoulders back. Surya Namaskar. Inhale, reach your arms out and up. As you exhale, forward fold. As you inhale, take a halfway lift. Inhale, step back to plank pose and pause. Feel the breath support you here as you press down through the palms and maybe close your eyes, connecting to your body from the inside. One more breath. Next, inhale, shift forward. Exhale, lower all the way down. Inhale to a baby cobra. Lift the chest. Exhale, lower back down. Tuck your toes. Press back. Downward facing dog. And just take a few breaths here to unwind. Maybe shift your hips a little side to side. Smooth inhales and exhales. And then look forward. Either walk or lightly float your feet up to the hands. Halfway lift. Inhale. Exhale, fold. Rise up. Inhale, reach your arms. Exhale, prayer to your heart. One breath per movement. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, forward fold. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, step back. Take another deep breath in and plank and slow lower as you exhale. Cobra, maybe up dog. Inhale, press it back. Downward facing dog. Exhale, hold for a couple breaths. Look forward, walk or light float front of the mat. Halfway lift. Inhale. Exhale, fold deeper. Rise up. Inhale, reach the arms. Exhale, prayer to heart. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, forward fold. Inhale for a half lift. Exhale, step back. Plank. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, lower halfway or all the way. Cobra, upward dog. Inhale, press it back. Downward facing dog. Exhale. Right leg rises up. Bend the knee. Open up the hip. Deep breath in. Exhale, bring your knee to your right tricep. Inhale, bend it up and back. Exhale, knee to your chest. Step it through. Twist the right arm up. Big inhale. Exhale, right hand to the floor. Left knee down. Reach your arms up and just pause here on Janasana. Option to interlace your palms into steeple mudra. Pointing up through your index fingers. Draw the shoulders back. One more breath. And release your hands down to the floor. Shift your hips back. Half split. Flex your right toes up. One more breath.

Slowly bend the front knee. Coming into high lunge, crescent. Inhale the arms up. And maybe find a little back bend here as you draw your shoulders back. Lift up through the heart. Lift through the right foot and find your breath. Smooth and steady. And gently lower the hands back down to the floor. Downward facing dog. Inhale, shift into plank. Exhale, slowly lower. Inhale, cobra, upward dog. Press it back. Downward facing dog. Left leg rises. Bend the knee. Open the hip. Deep breath in. Exhale, knee to left, tricep. Inhale, send it back. Exhale, knee to chest. Step it through. Inhale, the left arm all the way up. Twist. Exhale, lower it down. Back knee down. Reach the arms up on Janayasana. Option to take steep on mudra. Releasing the index fingers, pointing straight up, lifting your heart. And gently release your hands down to the floor. Shift your hips back. Half split. Flex the front foot. Reach through your heart. Coming to high lunge. Bend the front knee.

Lift your back knee. Rise up. Maybe find a little back bend here. Keep the belly engaged. Keep the left foot rooting down. Breathe into your ribs. Good. Gently lower the hands down to the floor. Downward facing dog. Inhale, travel into plank. Slowly lower as you exhale. Cobra or up dog. Inhale. Downward facing dog. Exhale. Smooth breaths. Feel it skimming the back of your throat. A slight whispery sound. Calming your nervous system. Lift your right leg back up. Bend the knee. Open the hip. Inhale. As you exhale, knee to right tricep. Inhale. Send it back. Exhale. Knee to chest. Step it through. Warrior two as you inhale. And just pause. Good. Dancing warrior. You're going to reach your arms up. Straighten the front leg as you inhale. Exhale. Open back into warrior two. Inhale. Reaching up. Straightening front leg. Exhale. Warrior two. One more. Dancing with the breath. Inhale. Exhale. Reverse warrior. Inhale. Pause there. Lift through the heart. One more breath in. Exhale. All the way to extended side angle. Pause there. Reach that left arm up and over. Press through the outer edge of your left foot. Fill your body with your breath. Back to reverse warrior.

Inhale. Straighten out the front leg. Maybe walk your back foot in a notch. Slowly come into triangle. Shift the hips back. Right hand down to right shin or a block. Left arm reaches up. Expand through the chest here. Radiate your left fingers up towards the sky, the ceiling. Open up the heart. Two more breaths. And then come all the way upright. Parallel your feet, arms wide. Take a deep breath in and as you exhale, forward fold over your legs. Nod your head a few times. Yes and no. And then point your toes slightly out. Walk your hands over to the right foot. Bend the right knee. Skandhasana. And then walking over to the left. And do that one more time. Each side. Over to the right. And over to the left. Crawl around to the front edge of your mat. Come into lizard pose. Right foot wiggles over to the right. Lower the back knee down. Flatten the top of your foot. And either stay on your hands or maybe come all the way down to the forearms. And pause. Sometimes it feels good to even roll to the outer edge of the right foot here. Getting a little deeper. You can let your head hang. Keep feeling your breath. Come back up. Half split. Wiggle that right foot in a little as you pull the hips back. And then coming back to downward facing dog. Optional vinyasa. Inhale. Coming to plank. Exhale, slow lower. Inhale, cobra, dog. Exhale, downward dog. Left leg rises up. Bend the knee. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, knee to your left tricep. Inhale, send it back. Exhale, knee to chest. Step it through. Warrior two as you inhale. Pause. Root through your feet. Arms reach up. Straight in front leg. Inhale. Back to warrior two as you exhale. Make it a dance. Nice and fluid. Inhale, reach up. Exhale, back to warrior two. One more. Inhale. And warrior two, exhale. Reverse warrior. Lift through the heart. Pause here. Feel the breath. Slowly come into extended angle. Reaching the right arm up and over the ear. All the way back to reverse warrior.

Inhale and straighten out your front leg. Walk your back foot in just a little and slowly come into triangle. Left hand to shin or a block. Right arm stacks on top. Lots of energy in the right fingertips. Open the chest. Let the breath support you. Let the breath give you more strength, more length, more vitality. Come all the way upright. Parallel your feet. Interlace your hands at your low back this time. Take an inhale to lift the heart. Exhale, hinge at your hips and fold. Maybe again, just let the head dangle and nod a few times. Moving into hammock pose, walk your hands forward. Let your feet press down and just let the heart melt. A couple breaths. Walk your hands back. Crawl to the front edge of your mat. Lizard pose. Lowering the back knee. Flattening the back foot. Maybe lowering down to the elbows. Slowly come up. Half split. We go that left foot in a little and shift back. Go ahead and bend the front knee. Downward facing dog. Vinyasa. Inhale as you come into the plank. Exhale as you slowly lower. Inhale, open up your heart. Exhale, downward facing dog. Once again, returning to the quality of your breath in and out through your nose. You close your eyes. From here, just walk or lightly hop your feet up to the hands. Take a half lift on the inhale. Fold deeper as you exhale. Rise all the way up. Reach your arms. Inhale. Exhale, prayer to your heart. Good. Tree pose, left foot down, right foot up. Bring the right leg anywhere to touch the left leg. Just study your gaze and study your breath. Balanced breaths can really help lead to balance in the body and in the mind.

You can keep your hands at your heart. Maybe reach your arms out and up. Couple more breaths. Bring the hands back together. Prayer at your heart. Gently switch sides. Feel free to shake out the left leg a little. And then steady gaze again out in front of you as you bring your left foot up. Feeling your breath even and smooth. Maybe reaching your arms out and up. Try to find a softness in your face. Bring your hands back to prayer at your heart and release your left foot down. Maybe shake out the right leg. Reset here. Close your eyes. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Inhale, come to chair pose. Hold here for a breath. Pull the belly in. And then forward fold over your legs. Take a halfway lift. Inhale. Exhale, step back to plank pose. Take a deep breath in and plank. Exhale, lower to the belly. Reach your arms behind you. Pause here. Interlace your hands at your low back. Draw the shoulders away from the mat. Slowly lift the chest and head up. Maybe lift the legs up as well for shalabhasana. Reaching through the heart. Breathing into your heart. One more inhale. Lower as you exhale. And just turn one cheek down to the mat. Take a pause. And then coming back up. Bring your chin back to the mat. Interlace with the other grip. Other pinky on top. Inhale, lift the chest. Maybe lift the legs up. Press down through your pubic bone and really extend in both directions. Two more breaths. Gently lower down. Other cheek to the mat. Pause. Bring your hands right by your ribs and slowly press on to the hands and knees. Walk your knees in a little. A couple of cat and cows. Reaching the heart as you inhale. Exhale to round the spine. Inhale, heart forward, shoulders back. Exhale, round your spine. Good. Slowly walk your hands to your hips and come up onto your knees. Move into a strasana. If you need a little padding, you can maybe fold the mat and just put your knees on a little extra padding. I like to have the toes tucked, so maybe try that and hands will come right above the glutes, fingers down. And press your glutes down as you lift the heart up. Feel a lot of length in your side body. Maybe let your head hang back. And maybe even try to take one or both hands back to your heels this time. A couple more breaths. Lift the heart.

Good. Hands back to the glutes. Slowly come back up. Sit on your heels, maybe with the toes tucked. Maybe let your palms face up and receive your breath. Close your eyes. One more camel as you're ready. Come back up. Hands on the glutes, fingers down. Lift the heart. Maybe think of what are you opening up to today? What are you wanting to receive? A couple more breaths. Good. Gently come back up. Make your way into a child's pose. Folding over your legs. Arms can be out in front of you or extended behind you. Deep breath in through the nose. Exhale out your mouth. Deep breath in through the nose. Exhale out your mouth. Coming into downward facing dog from here. Take your right leg up and back. Bend the knee open up the hip. Coming into single pigeon. Right knee behind the right wrist. Just take your time easing your way in. Maybe just come all the way down. You could put your forehead on a block if you'd like and just let it rest and just completely surrender. Observing every sensation. Observing every thought.

A couple more nice, slow breaths here. Come up slowly and press yourself back to downward dog. Shake out the right leg. Left leg will rise up and the knee open the hip. Coming to the other side. Pigeon. Easing your way in. Maybe allow the words let go to just come into your mind. Let go. Two more of the deepest breaths you've taken so far. Come up slowly. Make your way back to downward facing dog. Shake out the left leg. Then walk your feet to the center of the mat. Cross your ankles. Sit down. Staff pose. Extending the legs long. Pull the flesh back from your sit bones. Press down through your palms or your fingers and lift your chest. Coming into Navasana. Reaching your arms forward. Root through your sit bones. Lift your legs up and lift the heart. So even as you feel challenged, feel the quality of your breath supporting you. Keeping your face soft and your jaw relaxed. Lower the feet down. Table top. Hands back. Feet on the floor. Lift the hips up. Inhale. Exhale. Lower back down. One more time. Navasana. Lifting up through the legs. Lifting through the arms and the chest. Maybe even a little smile. Inner or outer. One more breath. Release your feet down and slowly lower onto your back. Once you're on your back, bring your heels just under your knees. Setting up for bridge. Arms right alongside your body. On your inhale, lift up. Lift through the heart. Maybe wiggle the shoulders together. Maybe interlace your hands. Good. One more breath. Gently lower down. Good. Let's grab the block and place it just under the sacrum bone, the lowest or middle level. And take your legs up as you're ready. Make sure you feel supported on the block. Arms off to the side. And as you hold here, feeling fresh oxygen and blood flowing down into your brain, creating space.

Exhaling your thoughts. Cleansing and purifying. As you're ready, release. Bend the knees. And slide the block just off to the side. Supta Baddha Konasana. Soles of the feet together. Maybe place a hand on your belly and a hand on your heart and just feel how the breath fills up into the belly and into the chest. And softly bring your knees together. Easy spinal twist. Shift your hips over to the left. Let the knees fall to the right. Arms out like a T. Maybe look to the left. On your next inhale, come back to center. Shift the hips over to the right and let the knees fall to the left and maybe gaze to the right. And come back to center. Even out your hips. Send your legs long on the floor. Arms come right alongside your body. Palms up. Shoulders wiggle away from your ears and you just let the breath be natural and effortless. In and out through your nose. Feel your whole body just resting on the earth. As you're ready, just start to move your fingers and your toes. Bend your knees. Softly rock yourself up or roll to the right and press yourself to a comfortable seated position. Once you arrive, close your eyes and bring your hands to prayer at your heart. Bow your chin down as a gesture of gratitude. Thank yourself for carving out this time in your day to honor your body, to deepen your breath and most of all to make a connection to your spirit. Namaste.


Jenny S
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I loved the slow, almost leisurely pace in this version. I’m feeling very relaxed and focused now. Thank you beautiful souls for this much-needed Go-to series 🙏🏻🌎❤️
Christine C
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Beautiful sequence at just the right pace allowed me to really connect my breathing and mind for a wonderful practice. Thank you!
Emily P
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wonderful class thank you!
Susannah S
really nice.  one of my favorites.  It kept moving, but serene. super good  
Annie D
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Nice and beautiful 
1 person likes this.
my first class with YA!  Really beautiful and exactly what i wanted this morning!  So flowing and calming
Linda Baffa
Jenny Thank you for sharing your feedback on the class and the series here!  It's wonderful to share and practice yoga together with you here.  Be well!  ~Linda
Linda Baffa
Emily Thank YOU for sharing your feedback!  So glad you enjoyed. :) 
Linda Baffa
susannah What a lovely response to the class. Thank you for connecting here in the forum... Sending you all the best! ~ Linda
Linda Baffa
Annie Yay... so glad you enjoyed the practice. :) Namaste!
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