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Rosemary, Alana, and Linda welcome us to Season 2 of Your 30-Minute Go-To Yoga Sequence where they share an energizing Vinyasa flow routine designed to awaken, strengthen, and stretch your whole body. While this reliable sequence will remain the same, each practice is fresh and new to inspire a quality of discovery that only comes through repetition. Let’s go to it!
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Apr 06, 2020
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Love you beautiful souls!  Another bright offering from Yoga Anytime right when it's most needed - can't wait to get started!
Jenny, So grateful to be in this together! Your sharing is so encouraging and supportive. Let us know how this sequence feels and evolves for you throughout the season. Love, Alana 
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I'm with you,  Jenny !! WooHoo!!
Thank you, Jenny ! Love you as well. We're all in this together. I'm so grateful to hear from you... It helps to feel more connected. Be safe, be well. 
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Very comforting to be back to this series with renewed sessions with the three of you.
Thank you, Christel . It's comforting for us to have you there... and to hear from you. Be well. 

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