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Season 1 - Episode 2

Marma Points and Easy Yoga

55 min - Practice


We open with a simple sukhasana side bending pattern and settle inward with a marma point meditation. We finish with a slow-moving floor practice. You will feel quiet and centered.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


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Dear Kira. Thank you so much for posting this. Was feeling the isolation bad this morning, and even though time difference meant I couldn’t watch live, when I came to your class it has a live feel which makes all the difference in these non-hug times. Cooped-up, but so happy to yoga at the portal of your coop. Love, always.
Debra, yes, it comes in waves for me too. Happy to be together here. xok
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I love this! Thank you for doing a live class and opening up the recording to watch after the fact!  
Kadee, miss you! Come this Friday if you can! 10:30am PDT. Register here:
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Kira Sloane  I have a meeting at 10  AND will do my hardest to make it at 10:30!
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Kira!!!  OMG I am so happy to find these “live” yoga sessions available for viewing after-the-fact!   Due to our time difference, I’ve been having to miss out on the actual live classes and I was feeling sad 😔.  This “live” class today was like receiving the best gift had me laughing and stretching into all the good spots and feeling quite “alive” and dare I say “normal” again.  I’m  SO looking forward to catching up on the rest of them  - thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️
Jenny ! LOVE YOU! If your schedule allows, join us for Sarah this Friday!
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Hi Kira,
How wonderful to share this beautiful marma massage  session -thank you! You look so sparky and sparkly! " Hanging out with the Buddhists" seems to be suiting you!
Kira - an observation.....over the time this suggestion " breathe out everything , let a huh happen" has gradually found its way with me off  the mat -I hadnt even noticed I was doing it till my husband asked me if something was wrong as Im sighing so much! Since then I feel it´s almost a sort of Tic!My intuition tells me this aint so good!!!Do you have any thoughts? 
Have a beautiful day!
Michelle, the long audible sigh is a natural way of releasing grief. These are unprecedented times for us, and there is so much happening, that a little extra release seems required. You are lucky to have a partner so tuned into you. My thoughts are to pay attention to the context in which you find yourself needing to release and seek situations that nourish and support you more. xoK
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Thanks Kira - you´re a babe!
Im really observing this - yes there is a lot of grief and uncertainty in the air . Thanks also for pointing out to me how tuned in my partner is - yes, more appreciation less fear and the sighing is decreasing . often it was because I realised I was actually "holding my breath" so then sighed it out.....its ongoing!
Have a beautiful day!
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