Soulful Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 5

Light and Free Flow

60 min - Practice


Fly freely through this energizing practice focused on the Heart Chakra, as we flow through heart openers and back-bending shapes. You will feel light and free.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Loved this practice, Sarah. Lovely way to move into my day : ) Blessings from Ottawa to Joshua Tree : )
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This was such a beautiful practice. It was so interesting how bringing hands to heart and opening them out in Warrior II brought a different quality.
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Hi Kate! Sorry I missed this from a few weeks ago ... so happy to be practicing with you and hope you are staying safe and well in Ottawa. Sending blessings your way as well, Sarah 
Ali, I love your thoughtful observations, as always! I totally agree with you—mudras and differences and hand gestures can really bring a different meaning, feeling, and intention to the practice. You're inspiring me to get on my mat this morning!
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Sarah Beston no problem!!! Love, love : ) k8 : )
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Another wonderful, light-filled practice. Thank you, Sarah.
You're so very welcome, Lori! Thanks so much for practicing with me.  Love and light coming your way.
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Great class again Sarah. We are really enjoying your pathways through the body. Cheers Leesa
I am so happy to hear, Leesa ... thank you for sharing! Happy to be practicing together here and please keep me posted on how your practice is going. Warm regards, Sarah 
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You're such a great teacher! My video cut out the last 18 minutes and I was able to complete the practice with just the verbal direction. Wonderful class
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