Soulful Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Intuitive Flow

60 min - Practice


We go inward to move outward. Explore the 3rd eye chakra and intuition with this creative flow focusing on the legs and hips, balancing, and pranayama. You will feel connected to your inner world.
What You'll Need: Mat

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I love all your classes Sarah...but THIS! if I had to pick a favorite, this would be it. Everything felt so relevant on this eve of Mercury Retrograde ✨ and the flow was indeed soulful. One’s intuition is more important now than ever, and this was a great way to dive in. Bonus favorite alternate nostril breathing towards the end was (as I say too often lol) “the cherry on top!”
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❤️ LOVED it! Thanks 🙏 Sarah!
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Beautiful flow class, Sarah. Love your gentle, accommodating guidance. And I got thinking at one point about what it might be like to live in the desert... and how that would inform one's practice...   Love: )
Pamela Macht -- You're so welcome and so glad you enjoyed the class! xo
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Dear Kate, thank you so much for sharing and how wonderful! My practice feels much deeper out here in the desert—it's such a spiritual spot. Hope you can come visit sometime!
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Dear Sarah Beston , Deserts and mountain tops... One day I hope I'll be able to experience them!! You send out such a wonderful energy in these videos. Maybe because your energy is nesting in the desert energy? Very sweet.
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Amazing practice, as always!! Thanks so much!!
You're so welcome, Brian! Thanks so much for practicing with me and keep me posted on how your practice is going! All the best, Sarah
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Brilliant sequencing. And your gentle, skillful presence really pointed us to the balance between ease and effort. Thank you so much. Adding to favorites. :)
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Dear Lori—thank you so much for sharing your experience of the practice and I am so delighted to be practicing with you. Trying to find that ease and effort has a whole new meaning these days! Wishing you a beautiful day, Sarah
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